Carrie Wong’s Boyfriend Released Statement Via Lawyer & Made His IG Public

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In case you’re not aware, the biggest news this week was the death of the grumpy cat.

And another big news? The leaked Instagram DMs between Carrie Wong and Ian Fang, and another leaked WhatsApp chat from Carrie Wong’s phone, which hasn’t been confirmed to be authentic so far.

Here’s a brief recap of this story so far:

  • Leaked Instagram DMs imply that Carrie Wong, who’s attached to a Taiwanese Boris Lin, is having a physical relationship with Ian Fang
  • Both clarified that the DMs were made in jest and that they were merely good friends
  • The leaked DMs also show them badmouthing about Lawrence Wong, an actor who’s taking over Aloysius Pang in a Mediacorp drama
  • Carrie apologised to Lawrence privately and via an Instagram post
  • Boris Lin commented on the post, stating that “I will always be on your side”
  • Another leaked video emerged, this time showing a WhatsApp chat between Carrie and a friend
  • In the WhatsApp chat, Carrie stated that she is torn between Ian and Boris
  • One thing to note is that Carrie has not responded to the WhatsApp chat, so its authenticity is still unverified

And today, Boris Lin, whose Instagram profile has been set to private ever since Carrie made their relationship public, spoke to the public for the first time.

Through a lawyer, no less.

Opened up Instagram

In a twist that no one saw it coming, Boris’ Instagram account is suddenly public.

With a public profile, we can also now see all his images, which comprises numerous images made with Carrie Wong, in both Taiwan and Singapore.

There are only 76 posts, so you can scroll through everything within a minute.

Image: Instagram (borislin0713)

And in his first post made today, he’s “speaking” through a lawyer in Chinese—and also it’s the longest post written.

Lawyer Speaking

I honestly can’t fathom out why a lawyer is involved instead of a PR firm, but anyways, here’s the post:

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[公開聲明] 大成台灣律師事務所林天財律師代當事人林柏澍先生聲明如下: 茲據當事人林柏澍先生委稱: 「我們很好,謝謝大家! 事到如今,我覺得我有義務向大家說明,我認為,當我另一半需要我時,我並不在她的身旁。我為我的另一半做得實在不夠多、也不夠好。 方先生與我的另一半本來就是很要好的朋友,說話時常開玩笑,有時用詞比較率性, 在整件事情上,我認為,除了方先生在一些言行上較為主動外,我的另一半並沒有做錯任何事情。 希望在這件事情過後,方先生可以不要再試著介入我們的感情,並且尊重自身的生活及身邊的朋友。 謝謝社會大眾對我們的關心,你們的支持,是我們走下去的最大力量。此事已進入司法程序,散布、轉載影片資訊者,恐將受到最高兩年以下有期徒刑;洩露他人個資者,亦恐將受到最高五年以下有期徒刑。 浪費這麼多媒體資源,我們於心不安。 謝謝新傳媒的幫助,也再次謝謝大家,我們很好。」 以上。 在此也提醒大家 意圖散布於眾,而指摘或傳述足以毀損他人名譽之事者,為誹謗罪,最高可處一年以下有期徒刑。 散布文字、圖畫犯前項之罪者,可處兩年以下有期徒刑。 希望此事件可以告一段落。 最後 謝謝Lawrence的諒解 謝謝大家對我們的關心

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Because I’m pretty sure you can’t read Chinese, especially so when it’s in traditional Chinese, here’s a translated text not based on Google Translate:

Public Statement:

Lawyer 林天財 from 大成台灣律師事務所‘s statement on behalf of client Mr Boris Lin:

According to Boris Lin, he has mentioned this:

“We’re fine, thank you everyone! Since it has reached this stage, I feel obligated to explain everything. I admit that I wasn’t around when my other half needed me the most, and felt that I’ve not done enough for her.

Mr Fang and my other half have always been good friends, and often joked regularly. Sometimes, their language is a bit unfiltered.

For this entire matter, I feel that other than Mr Fang’s stronger language, my other half hasn’t done anything wrong.

I hope that after this incident, Mr Fang would not come between our relationship, and also respect his friends and the life he has.

I’d like to thank the public for their concern and support. That gave us strength. Since the matter has already become a matter of the law, I’m afraid that those found guilty of disseminating the videos would be sentenced to up to two years’ jail. For people disclosing personal details, I’m afraid the maximum is five years’ jail.

We felt uneasy that we’ve wasted so much of the media’s resources, and would like to thank Mediacorp for their help. Once again, thank you everyone; we’re fine.”

Just a reminder again that people spreading and making statements that are defamatory will also be jailed for up to a year.

In addition, spreading texts and images of such nature could mean a jail term of up to two years.

We hope this incident would end now.

Lastly, thank you Lawrence for your understanding, and thank you everyone for your concern.

And yes, I’m just as confused as you are: so the quoted texts are by Boris, and those non-quoted ones are from his lawyer?

But the bulk of the text is quoted? And why is the lawyer thanking Lawrence?

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Anyways, Carrie has responded:

Image: Instagram (borislin0713)


In any case, at least now we get to see more of the couple’s images, and you’ve got to admit that they’re a beautiful couple!