Floors of Causeway Point Have Reportedly Been Wet for 4 Times in 3 Weeks


While natural disasters definitely don’t happen often in Singapore, it might feel like the exact opposite at times.

And that might have been how patrons of Causeway Point have felt love the past few weeks.

Just yesterday (6 September) morning, the entrance near McDonald’s at the first level of Causeway Point was “flooded”.

And it’s not because there was some crazy-heavy rain that day.

“Flooding” at Causeway Point Due to Issues With Water Pipe

According to Lianhe Zaobao reporters who visited the area, the “flooding” was caused by a large amount of liquid that gushed out from an underground water drainage pipe

As a result of the flooding, shoppers had to walk carefully around the flooded area, which was cordoned off by the management.

Apparently, around 70% of the stores in the area were affected by the wet floors as well.

4 Hours Spent on Cleaning Area

Even though multiple cleaners were deployed to the area to clean the floor, an eatery owner in the area told Zaobao that the mess ended up taking around four hours to clean.

The water was only cleared from the mall completely at around 2.30pm that day.

Fourth Time in Three Weeks

And it isn’t even the first time that the mall has seen such an “unnatural” disaster.

According to multiple workers and members of the public who spoke to Zaobao, the flood that took place yesterday (6 September) morning is the fourth of its kind in the past three weeks.


A worker at Causeway Point added that each “flooding” will last for a few hours each time, and that business was greatly affected yesterday (6 September) due to the fact that the flood occurred during lunchtime.

The worker also expressed hopes for the flooding issue to be rectified soon.

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Response from Causeway Point

After the incident, a Causeway Point spokesperson responded to Zaobao’s enquiries by stating that water accumulated on the shopping mall’s floor at around 10.20am on Tuesday (6 September) due to a blocked water pipe.

After the water pipe started gushing water, the mall’s security and service personnel arrived at the scene immediately to start the cleaning work and provide assistance to both shopowners and other members of the public.

The clogged pipe was also thoroughly cleaned, and the cleaning works for the affected area concluded at 2.45pm on the same day.

Apart from that, the spokesperson also apologised on behalf of the shopping mall for any inconvenience that was caused.

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Featured Image: Lianhe Zaobao (Provided by reader)