A CCTV is Filled With Countless Maggots with ‘Smell’ in Tampines HDB Lift; Town Council Has Since Responded

It’s 22 May 2020 and you know what that means;

It’s time for Freaking the hell out of me Friday!

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Now I bet my boss’ protein shake bottle that you’re wondering: what do I have in store for you today?

Could it be a sudden extension of the ongoing Circuit Breaker?

Could it be that the Covid-19 has evolved into a pandemic that now dishes out AOE damage like you see in RPG games?

Or lord forbid; could it be that my Aunt Matilda has just asked for your number?

Well, lest you’re indeed thinking those, rest assured;

Our topic today’s even freakier than that. And by that I mean the last one.

A CCTV is Filled With Countless Maggots with ‘Smell’ in Tampines HDB Lift; Town Council Has Since Responded

Imagine looking into a CCTV and seeing a whole party of maggots just crawling around in a circular motion.

Hard to digest? Well, it has just happened.

On 20 May 2020, Facebook user Muhammad Farhan posted a rather unnerving update on his social media page:

Digital evidence of maggots going about in a lift CCTV like kids in a Club Penguin Online party.

Image: Facebook (Muhammad Farhan)

In the post, Farhan entailed how NEA, HDB and the Town Council have yet to correct the matter in spite of previous emails and calls made.

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By then, there was reportedly a stench, and the overall situation was proclaimed as “disgusting”.

The extra-squishy post also includes actual video footage. You can view the full Facebook post down below:

Let The Maggots Hit The Floor~

According to MothershipFarhan had said in an exclusive interview that the lift had smelt weird for the “past few days”.

The video itself was apparently taken two days before the Facebook post went up.

Just yesterday (21 May 2020), Mothership went down to the block in the afternoon and reported that the lift was indeed quite pungent.

At the time, a man had retrieved the CCTV and seemed to be cleaning it.

Corpses, however, still flooded the floor of the lift.

Cleared Up

At around 5:55 pm yesterday (21 May 2020), the Tampines Town Council told Mothership that they’ve since rectified the situation.


They will also endeavour to uncover the root cause of the incident.

“The Town Council has removed the maggots from the CCTV and cleaned the lift thoroughly,” the Tampines Town Council said. “We are conducting a thorough investigation to find out the root cause and will act swiftly to prevent a repeat occurrence. It is our priority to maintain good public hygiene, and we will monitor the case closely. As such, residents can rest assured that this will be dealt with seriously.”

Well, for the sake of the residents using the lift, I sure hope it’s being dealt with seriously. After all…

I don’t think there’s anything more unnerving than taking the lift with a bunch of rampant maggots that might just spill over anytime.

P.s. Kudos to the man who cleaned the CCTV though. Damn, that’s a heroic feat in itself.


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