Celebrity Couple Andie Chen & Kate Pang Left Mediacorp to Become YouTubers

Youtube has been exploding in terms of popularity.

In fact, it wouldn’t be an exact exaggeration to dub Youtube the ‘Modern representation of Hollywood’.

With successful Youtubers raking in an annual income culminating in the millions (Pewdiepie allegedly earned $15m in 2016 alone), more and more have jumped on the Youtube bandwagon, hoping to live the glamorous life.

And it seems that even established celebrities are not exempted, with our own celebrity couple Andie Chen & Kate Pang deciding to go the Youtube route.

Image: Kandie Family

According to Channel News Asia, actors Andie Chen and Kate Pang are no longer Mediacorp artistes as of 1 November. Their contracts expired on 1 Oct and 31 Oct respectively.

They announced the unexpected development on their personal social media platforms.

Image: andiechen Instagram
Image: katepang311 Instagram

Why did they leave Mediacorp?

They left the local broadcasting station to focus on their Youtube channel Kandie Family.

With the couple investing more and more time on their Youtube portal, they shared that the workload has gotten too heavy for them to juggle.

Additionally, Andie has his own Youtube channel, and usually updates it with his own material. This takes up quite a bit of time too.

“I’m actually involved in a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, such as scriptwriting,” Kate said. “It’s a pretty heavy workload so this is also part of the reason why I felt like I needed more flexibility in my career.”

In the meantime, Andie shared that he wants to expand more into theatrical productions and art films, which are areas that are relatively more foreign to him.

But wait… does this mean that we can never see them on local Channel 8 dramas anymore?

Luckily for us, we’ll still see them, because Chen and Pang are still working on projects with the local broadcaster.

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“The end of my contract is by no means an end to my relationship with Mediacorp,” Chen said. “We will be working together regularly in the future.

“I was attached to the company (for) most of my 10 years in acting. They have given me a start in my career, a channel to explore my passions and most importantly they played a big part in the formation of my family,” continued Chen. “For these reasons and more, I’ll forever be grateful, and I am happy to be moving on to the next stage of my career with their blessings.”

“I initially thought this was only going to be a two-year performance study experience,” Kate said in a statement in Mandarin. “It turned out to be seven years.

“In this big (Mediacorp) family, I’ve made many great friendships and even established my own family,” she said. “In this journey of life, there have been many milestones. And now that I have a family and children, I’ll need a lot more space and time to realise all my original dreams.

“Thank you to the television station and bosses for all the support and opportunities,” she added. “I’m forever grateful that this has been my platform to develop and grow.”

The head of The Celebrity Agency Georgina Chang also wished them success.

“Kate and Andie are an extremely talented couple,” she said. “We’ve enjoyed working with them and will continue to work with them on an ad hoc basis. They are true artistic souls and stay authentic to their beliefs and passion. I know they will continue to do very well as artistes.”

Kandie Family

So now that we got all the political stuff out of the way, what does their Youtube channel offer?

Well for one, loads of cute videos featuring their two children, three-year-old son Aden and one-year-old daughter Avery.

For two, thought-provoking and high production short films.

Well, alright just the first part. The second just screams ‘aww so cute!’

Andie Chen

So now that we’ve established the fact that Kandie Family is a family-centric Youtube channel, let’s head onto Andie’s personal Youtube channel to find out what he’s got.

First up, we have his talk show series, where he interviews talented individuals from all walks of life. So far he has interviewed the likes of online personality Xiaxue, model Sheila Sim and Sing! China 2nd runner up Joanna Dong.

Secondly, he has a series titled ‘Road to Hollywood’, where he chronicles his journey to Hollywood through a series of video logs.

Well you can’t deny it; Andie has ambitions and he’s not afraid to go all out to achieve them.

And with such a beautiful and supportive wife behind him, I’m sure he will able to reach the pinnacle of Stardom.

So jia you, Kandie Family! While you might not be as active in the local industry, we here at Goody Feed sincerely wish you all the best in your future ventures!


(P.S. A few of us watch Andie’s YouTube channel regularly!)

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