10 Facts About S’pore Actress Julie Tan You Didn’t Know Other Than She’s Leaving Mediacorp

Reader: Did someone say Julie Tan?

Well, we didn’t say it so much as write it, but yes. If you want to learn more about Julie Tan, you came to the right place.

Getting into the showbiz at a very young age, Julie Tan has created a name for herself through her hard work. She has been through many obstacles as well, which has definitely made her stronger.

With experiences comes maturity, here are 10 facts about her that you might not know!

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1. She Rejected being a K-pop Star

Julie Tan was once offered a chance to be part of a new girl band to be groomed and marketed in Korea. However, she decided to turn it down due to a simple reason: she’d rather stay true to herself.

She even stated that as much as it was tempting to achieve fame, her passion lies in acting, not in singing. Wah.

2. Insecurities

At the tender age of 17, she was one step away from going under the knife. Judgmental comments from netizens pointed out her high forehead, flat nose and chest got her crying almost every night. Eventually, she decided that she will learn to love herself for who she is today. “Why not embrace yourself? Because I think we can never please everyone.” You go girl!

3. Straightforward and Eager

Julie Tan’s eagerness to explore and excel in her acting career when she first started has caused frictions between her previous directors and producers. Julie got into their bad books when she had differing views about her characters and wanted to do things her way. After some time, her tactless personality led to a silent boycott by certain directors and producers.

4. Her Relationship with her Father

Which brings me to my next point- her relationship with her father. Her dad plays an important role in grounding her. He keeps her in check, constantly reminding her to be humble. This has changed her for the better, making her realised the importance of communicating her point across with tact. A total daddy’s girl, she appreciates everything her dad has done for her. Sweet!

4. Strict Upbringing

Contrary to her background, she is not a pampered and rich spoilt brat. In fact, she had a strict upbringing by her parents. She remembered how her mom would smack her if she was slouching, and if she wasn’t holding her chopstick properly. 打是疼,骂是爱!

5. She Says No to Sleazy Bed Scenes

With the country infamous for its connections dealings and the culture of “sleeping one’s way to the top” in showbiz, it’s no wonder Julie’s dad takes charge of her career in China. She noted that her dad has plenty of business dealings there and is able to find a job for her through his connections. However, she only has one request for her dad: no sleazy or bed scenes. “I don’t have the figure for it too! Plus I don’t want to do such roles.”

6. Doesn’t Want to be Seen as a Failure in love

Back then when she was dating a former model, she was very open about her relationship. But when she got her heart broken a few weeks before she turned 22, everything changed.

Julie Tan admitted that she had held on tightly to the relationship because she “didn’t want to fail.” and that she didn’t want people to think that she “can’t even handle her relationship well.”

7. More Guarded than Before

She also admitted that she is not an easy person to date. However, she has a better idea of what she is looking for in a partner now, after her last relationship. And when she finds that special someone in her life, she wants to draw the line between her private life and social media because there’s too much pressure living under public scrutiny.

8. Starting a Family

She wants to have kids, specifically two kids- 1 boy, 1 girl. She has also mentioned before that she doesn’t want to start a family too late, as she believes that the chances of giving birth will be higher and easier.

9. She Wants to Freeze Her Eggs

Which brings me to my next point again – she wants to freeze her eggs if she can’t have kids at a younger age due to her career. Her main concern was that her body will no longer be in the optimum condition to conceive then, as at the end of the day, no matter how focused she is in her career, Julie Tan still hopes to be a wife and a mother to two kids in future.

10. Hungry for international success

Julie wants to hit the international market by the age of 25. Aiming to bring home the little golden man (the Oscar trophy) someday, Julie added that Singapore will remain her base as she continues to take on overseas projects.

She even mentioned that she may or may not succeed, as long as she doesn’t regret trying. Pure dedication right there!

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