Celebrity Jamie Yeo Found Her Bae in Tinder & Shows Us Tinder is the New Matchmaker


Last Updated on 2017-09-01 , 6:40 pm

Just in case you’re living under a rock, Tinder happens to be a dating app that allows you to either find a potential mate or to make new friends. We have heard many stories, but none of them is as successful as this.

We present to you a Tinder success story that will give you more hope in your next Tinder match.

Tinder, the New Matchmaker

As sceptical as it sounds, Tinder can really bring you true love. Don’t believe me? This real life example might change your perception of Tinder. It took celebrity Jamie Yeo only two weeks on Tinder to meet her boyfriend of six months. What’s even better, marriage is on the cards for them.

Her Tinder story goes like this: She first went onto Tinder for two weeks in 2015. She was dating someone else (not on Tinder) back then, so she deactivated her Tinder account. In that two weeks, she chatted with her Tinder beau, known as Rupert, and stayed in touch via text.

Image: 8days.sg

He stuck around as a friend during that period of time, expressing thoughtfulness through texting her from time to time. It touched her, which she decided to reach out to him after she was single again in eight months time. It was told that the moment they met, it was an instant attraction. Look at how far they’ve come, marriage is already on their list. Tinder sure has done a good job right there!

Why Tinder?

So you might be asking, Jamie Yeo is a known personality in Singapore. Why did she go on Tinder? Good question. It all voice down to her own social circle. In an interview with 8 Days, she commented that she hardly goes to events and launches. Hence she decided to try Tinder to make new friends. If it leads to something more, bonus!

What about the risk of being on Tinder because she is a celebrity? Jamie believes that there are expats who’ve just moved here and don’t watch local TV at all. She mentioned that many people are very honest on Tinder as their accounts are linked to Facebook. Yeap, you could check out their profile to see how legit they are, before you talk to them.

Had a bad experience on Tinder? Try again! Who knows, you might be the next success story. Tinder might not be so bad after all?

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com

Featured Image: 8days.sg