Challenger Puts Images of Alleged Shoplifters in Stores; Netizens Irate

Challenger, the to-go gadget place for some Singaporeans after the Sim Lim Square issue, has taken theft deterrence to a whole new level when they posted a “Wanted” poster of alleged shoplifters, comprising images of people who have been captured on CCTV for allegedly shoplifting from their stores.


According to, the poster is placed prominently at the door of the Suntec City outlet. One store assistant said that it is apparently displayed in all stores in Singapore.

While this seems like an effective effort to deter shoplifting, with no case of shoplifting in the Suntec City outlet for four months since it was placed up there (prior to that, it’s estimated to be about one or two cases every six months), netizens aren’t happy.

Here’re some of the Facebook comments on Straits Times’ Facebook post that reported the news.

But of all comments, this totally nailed it.

What do you think? If you’re a shop owner, would you implement this deterrence method?

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