Lift Parking System at Changi Village Malfunctioned & People Had to Wait Over 3 Hours For Their Cars


In this day and age, I’m sure we can all agree that technology is a wonderful thing in our daily lives.

Well, at least until it fails.

And that’s what (unfortunately) happened for drivers who parked their cars at the mechanical car park at 1 Changi Village Road yesterday (1 January).

Maybe that was the car park’s New Year gift to us? I’m kidding.

While the mechanical car park was built to help reduce the “parking crunch” in the area, it certainly resulted in another kind of crunch after around thirty people were left stranded at the car park’s entrance after being unable to retrieve their cars from inside.

Here’s what happened.

Car Owners Unable to Retrieve Cars from 6.30 PM Onwards

When speaking to Shin Min Daily News, one of the drivers named Ma Ning (Hanyu pinyin) mentioned that he had parked his car at the mechanical car park earlier that day.

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However, he only found out that the system had malfunctioned at around 6.30 pm when he returned to the car park to collect his car.

According to Mr Ma, he called the hotline in the evening to inform the relevant personnel that the car park had malfunctioned. However, no one came down to fix the issue.

When he called the hotline a second time, no one picked up.

Drivers Left to Wait Outside Car Park for Hours After System Malfunctioned

Based on the photos taken at the scene, many people continued to wait outside the car park even after nightfall. Some killed time by using their phones, while others tried to get a glimpse of what was happening inside the car park.


Apart from that, Mr Ma added that there was an air-conditioned lounge on the first floor of the car park and that it was also filled with people.

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Technical Staff Only Reached at Around 9 PM

Apparently, the technical staff only arrived at the car park at around 9 pm that night, approximately three hours after the incident.

Afterwards, the cars were brought out of the car park one by one.

Mr Ma added that his car was the second to be brought out and that he left the area at 9.50 pm that night.

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Featured Image: AGV Group Limited + Shin Min Daily News