Man Tried Very Hard to Online Shame SPF Officers & Failed Miserably

While Singaporeans are generally law-abiding, some anomalous troublemakers aspire to make the lives of others more difficult.

Introducing: the zho bo (nothing to do) clout-chasers on TikTok

Man Tried Very Hard to Online Shame SPF Officers & Failed Miserably

It’s no doubt that Singapore is a safe and secure country. And it’s thanks to none other than our handsome, headstrong heroes: the mata (police). 

One TikTok user by the handle @confederateginger posted a series of videos trying to shame Singapore’s mata

To contextualise, it is a five-part series in which the video recorder, known as Jonathan, tries to downplay the authority of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) by fruitlessly non-cooperating with all of their requests.

On New Year’s Day (1 January), a dispute happened at a Cheers outlet at Lau Pa Sat at around 8 pm.

Jonathan works at a store, and because of an altercation with a member of the public (unmentioned in the videos), the police were alerted to the scene. However, it seems like the trouble only got worse with the SPF. 

Don’t Want to Give IC

The first video starts with Jonathan explaining the situation to the police. Listing the things that the other party has done, he said: “The guy (was) drunk, he come(s) in caus(ing) trouble. He use(d) (the) F word, he impersonate(d) (a) police officer, he sa(id) want(ed) to cuff me back to (the) cantonment.”

Afterwards, the policemen asked him for his IC for verification purposes, and this was where it got juicy. 

Because Jonathan allegedly didn’t “do anything wrong” and was “a staff (there),” he refused to hand over his ID card. 

“I’m being protected by my boss’s camera; I never commit any offence. Why do you need my ID?”

Trying to reason with Mr Stubborn, the police said the ID was for identification purposes and checking the ID wouldn’t place the cameraman in any harm. 

After all, Jonathan was the one who made the police report. Logically, his identity would need to be confirmed, right?

@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound – Jonathan

Store Closure

Halfway through the first video, Jonathan had to serve customers that entered the store. During this period, he continued to film the police officers.

Shortly after, the policemen realised that customers would be interfering with an ongoing investigation, so they temporarily closed the store so members of the public would not be involved.

The troublemaker wasn’t happy with this and insisted on allowing the customers to enter. 

At one point, a customer opened the shop’s door, but before stepping foot in, one of the policemen told him: “Sorry, this shop is closed for now; you can come back later.”

In an agitated and hurried manner, Jonathan spoke over the police officer and said: “No, no, no, no, you can come in.”

Maintaining composure, the officer explained that the shop was “under investigation,” prompting the customer to exit the shop. 

The biggest question of 2023 used to be, “How can I fake sick not to get back to work?” Now it’s, “How did the mata stay patient with the hooligan?”

Seriously, if I were the police, I think I’d quit the job on the spot. 

As if directly opposing the police’s orders weren’t enough, he challenged them by asking them to repeat their orders on camera, as if dismissing their legitimacy. 

“I will put on TikTok ah, don’t worry, I viral this, okay you say again, please repeat,” he said cockily. 

Reiterating that they needed his particulars, they repeatedly asked him for them, but the punk kept interrupting the policemen even before they could finish their sentences. 

Left with no choice, they gave him two warnings, hinting that consequences could be dire if he didn’t cooperate the third time.

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Loss of Income? 

Pressing for the store to remain open, he asked the police who his boss should sue over the shop’s loss of potential income.

Using this as leverage, he insisted that since his boss was losing money by keeping the store closed, the police should allow customers in.

At this rate, I think he wouldn’t have a boss once this commotion is over.

Knows the Law Better Than the Police

The mule still didn’t hand over his identification and constantly asked what rights the policemen had to see it. 

One of the officers mentioned that he was compelled to hand over the particulars based on Section 65. 

That video wrote: “SPF playing around with ‘section 65,’” suggesting the man’s ridicule. 

So what exactly is Section 65?

Section 65 of the Criminal Procedure Code 2010 states that:

A police officer may arrest any person who is accused of committing, or who commits in the view or presence of the police officer, a non-arrestable offence if, on the demand of the police officer, the person refuses to give his or her name and residential address.

So, as expected, the police were right in that scenario. 

In a follow-up video, he once again questioned the need for the police to check his ID. He also questioned the legitimacy of the officer’s Section 65 claim and wondered if they were “following SOP (standard operating procedure).”

His basis?

They might be bad cops since there were “recent corrupt cases of the SPF,” citing that he had “news articles backing up (his) claim.”


@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound – Jonathan

Mata Arrest, Arresting Matter

Only when the police threatened to arrest the man did he start showing signs of fear. His quasi-macho walls of defiance started to crumble, revealing who he truly was: a fake paikia (bad boy).

“We can arrest now; we arrest now,” one of the officers said to another.

Frantically, Jonathan said: “I already (gave) my IC. Wait, wait, wait. I already give my IC!”

Major L. 

As the other officers left the shop to verify Jonathan’s IC, one officer kept monitoring him.

With an itchy mouth, he asked to speak to the officer with his IC before being shut down by the officer with him, who asked him to wait. 

“Great attitude by the Singapore police,” the delinquent said sarcastically. 

@confederateginger♬ original sound – Jonathan

Coughing Trouble, Causing Trouble

Noticing that that same officer kept sniffling, he brought up a completely different situation. At this point, one can only wonder if his motive was to piss off the police as much as possible. 

“Having a flu, should wear a mask,” he reminded. “Police should know better.”

We need not be the police officer to be annoyed; even writing this makes me du lan (angry).

Luckily, the officer maintained professionalism and merely nodded his head and agreed with the cashier to appease him. 

“Can, can, can, good job,” he said while keeping his cool. 

American Style

At this juncture, you might be wondering why this style of confrontation is so American-like. Who in Singapore would dare to be so rude to the police?

I would like to reiterate that his username includes the word “confederate,” suggesting that he supports the Confederate States of America.

If that isn’t enough evidence to prove his liberalism, his profile picture shows him in front of an American flag. 

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)

Seemingly, he’s an SPF hater. 

Upon watching other videos on his TikTok, we can confirm it’s true. 

He has reposted videos about SPF fails, ridiculing the police in our country. In one video, he made fun of a police officer falling while trying to put down a criminal. 

@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound – Jonathan

Maybe he’ll suffer the same fate if he continues to incite the police. 

Nobody’s on His Side

In all the videos, the only one rooting for him is him. 

Most netizens asked him to just cooperate with the police and hand over his ID card. 

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)
Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)

Many criticised him for being a troublemaker, saying he deserved to be charged. 

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)
Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)
Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)

Also, people highlighted that he was in Singapore, not in the US

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)
Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)
Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)

Additionally, they mentioned that the police in Singapore were too nice. 

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)

Lastly, people commended the police for their professionalism in handling the situation. 

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)
Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)

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Featured Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)