Benz Hui’s Daughter Having 20-Table Wedding Banquets in Both S’pore & Hong Kong

The daughter of the popular Hong Kong actor Benz Hui will be getting married in December 2023.

25-year-old Charmaine Hui is planning on having 20-table wedding banquets in both Singapore and Hong Kong. This means a total of around 400 guests across two countries!

Here’s what the veteran actor has to say about the wedding costs.

Tying the Knot in December 2023

Charmaine will be marrying 27-year-old Singaporean Shane Sim at the end of 2023. Shane graduated from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology this year with a Master’s degree and is now working in the banking industry.

The two met through mutual friends when Charmaine was 18 years old, and they dated for six years before he proposed in September 2021.

Back then, Charmaine said that they won’t get married soon since she wanted to focus on building her F&B empire. With the recent expansion of her business to Hong Kong, along with the COVID-19 situation getting better, the pair decided to set the wedding date in December 2023.

Relatives in Both Cities 

The veteran actor told HK01 that the couple has many relatives across both Singapore and Hong Kong.

FYI, although Benz and his family were originally from Hong Kong, they also have a house in Singapore. Benz is reportedly a permanent resident. 

Given their connections to both places, the couple will be holding wedding banquets in both cities. They will have a 20-table wedding banquet in Hong Kong and Singapore, in December 2023 and January 2024 respectively.

The pair will register their marriage in Hong Kong in December 2023.

Speaking about the double banquets, Benz and his wife said that they haven’t calculated how much everything will cost. They said that regardless of the cost, the couple’s happiness is still their priority.


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Success in Singapore and Hong Kong

Charmaine first ventured into F&B with the opening of Cafe Bakeaholic in Springside in 2020, when the pandemic halted her plans to get her Master’s degree in the United Kingdom. This outlet focuses on pastries and desserts.

She then opened its second outlet at Wheelock Place, at the beginning of 2022. This outlet serves not just pastries, but also mains like steak, pasta, and even seafood platters.

She opened a third eatery, Hong Kong teahouse Juju, in March this year. It features Hong Kong-inspired food, including mains like noodles and rice, thick toasts, snacks, coffee, and authentic imported drinks and alcohol.

On 1 November, Charmaine expanded Cafe Bakeaholic’s business to Hong Kong, where her Singapore-style bakes seem to be popular. These include a Laksa scone, pandan madeleines, and coconut panna cotta with gula melaka. Yum. 

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Featured Image: Instagram (Charmaine Hui)