Cheapest Kitchen Appliances Sale: Find Any Cheaper Online & You’ll Get Paid the Difference!

What is your favourite place in your house? The living room? Nope; that’s the place for you to throw your clothes around. Your room? Well, maybe, but you usually spend your time there while in dreamland.

It’s most likely your kitchen, because there’s where you become the next Gordon Ramsay and dish out something that would make the entire family know about your existence.

And to be the next Gordon Ramsay, you need good kitchen appliances.

What’s better than good kitchen appliances? Cheap and good kitchen appliances.

Lest you think GSS is over, here’s the good news: while it officially ended yesterday (13 August 2017), Shopee is making your kitchen great again with its upcoming Shopee Best Price Guaranteed: Kitchen Appliances.

In this promotion, you’re guaranteed to find the best price on kitchen appliances, and if you find something cheaper online, Shopee will give you 120% difference (T&Cs apply).

But trust me, after seeing the deals, you know you won’t find anywhere cheaper.

The Shopee Best Price Guaranteed: Kitchen Appliances will start from 16 August 2017 at 00:00 (midnight) to 18 August 2017, so if you’re eyeing for something cheap and good for your kitchen, remember to camp in your app fifteen minutes before the promotion starts.

Just so you know, our beloved Shopee has established something known as “Shopee Mall”—the key difference between sellers in Shopee Mall and sellers that aren’t in it is that all products in Shopee Mall are 100% authentic with a 15-day return policy and free shipping. That’s certainly a big plus for people who just realized that things could be bought online (you know, those dinosaurs).

Of course, not all items are from Shopee Mall, but if it is, you know you really should buy first think later #justsaying

Now, if you still haven’t downloaded Shopee (did you just come back from Mars?), here are the links to download the popular m-commerce app: iOS or Android.

And if you’re new to Shopee, you can use the promo code KITCHENxGF to get $7 off your first $15 purchase.

Even if you’re a Shopee old bird (current user), you can still get $5 off your $30 purchase with this promo code: KITCHENxGF5

Now, what are some of the items that would make your kitchen great again, and yet at the same time not burn a hole in your wallet?

Aerogaz Food Steamer at 71% Off

(A Shopee Mall Product!)
Released on 16 August 2017, 00:00 (midnight)

Original Price: $38.00
Discounted Price: $11.00

Don’t you just hate it that some pre-cooked foods can’t be microwaved, but have to be steamed instead? Do you just choose another food and let your stomach complain, or do you decide to use your rice cooker instead, only to realize it won’t work?

Here’s the prefect solution for you: get a food steamer. For just $11, you won’t need to say goodbye to those baos or siew mais just because you didn’t have a steamer.

And to make the deal even sweeter, it’s a 3-tier steamer. That means you can steam enough baos for millions of people. Okay, maybe just ten people, but you get the idea, don’t you?

Here’s the thing: this is a Shopee Mall product, which means it’ll come with a 15-day return policy and free shipping. And that’s for only $11. $11 leh!

Hitachi Rice Cooker at 65% Off

Released on 16 August 2017, 00:00 (midnight)

Original Price: $129.00
Discounted Price: $44.90

If you’re a 饭桶, this would be your BFF.

I won’t need to tell you what a rice cooker does, but this particular one promises easy cleaning, which is like the best thing ever. After all, one of the reasons why we hated cooking is cleaning, isn’t it? At a maximum of 5.5 cups of rice, it’s enough for at least 11 people, which would feed even your extended family.

Oh, it doesn’t hurt that it looks so sleek, which some might just pass it off as an air fryer.

Sharp Microwave Oven at 35% off

Released on 16 August 2017, 00:00 (midnight)

Original Price: $135.00
Discounted Price: $88.00

This Sharp microwave oven certainly looks sharp, doesn’t it?

Every Singaporean needs one of these monsters, despite whatever health hazards microwaved food has. After all, this is the thing that has kept us alive for years. The Sharp microwave oven has a 20L capacity with a 255mm glass turntable, enough for you to microwave two small dishes while still putting a cup of water there (lifehack: place that cup of water so your food won’t turn into biscuits!).

At less than $90, it’s the perfect BFF for every busy Singaporean. Or every lazy Singaporean.

Remember this: if you find anything that’s cheaper online, Shopee’s Best Price Guaranteed program will give you 120% difference.

And lest you’ve got too excited over the discounts, here’s one more reminder: you can use the promo code KITCHENxGF to get $7 off your first $15 purchase if you’re a new Shopee user.

If you’re a current user, you can use KITCHENxGF5 to get $5 off a minimum spend of $30.

Don’t wait liao. Time to make your kitchen great again!

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