Police Looking Into 3 Cases of People Submitting Falsified Documents for COVID-19 Support Grants

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The Covid-19 support grant disburses $800 a month (for three months) to Singaporeans in need.

Recently, they extended this grant to help even more Singaporeans.

The Ministry of Social and Family (MSF) tried to adjust the assistance schemes to be as flexible as possible so that people who are truly in need can get help as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates their efforts and one even took to the internet to brag about how he “cheated” the government.

Let’s just say that if his identity is known, he’s probably going to get lynched.

Especially by these three cases who allegedly submitted “falsified documents”.

Police Looking Into 3 Cases of People Submitting Falsified Documents for COVID-19 Support Grants

On 31 May, Desmond Lee, the Minister for Social and Family, took to Facebook to give updates about the Covid-19 Support Grant.

He thanked his colleagues for working “around the clock” to process applications and give help to affected Singaporean employees as fast as they could.

Over 50,000 applications have been received since applications opened, he said, and partners from the private sector as well as volunteers from the public sector have been invaluable in helping out with the disbursal of the grant.

However, he added, during the processing of applications, they detected three cases where falsified documents have been submitted.

After background checks, they have referred the cases to the Singapore Police Force to look into the matter.

He warns that they will act harshly upon any attempts to “defraud” the system.

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Still, Please Apply If You Genuinely Need Help

As the saying goes, a clear conscience fears no checks.

If you really need help but have trouble getting the required documentation from your employer to “prove your involuntary job termination/retrenchment, no-pay leave, or reduction of income due to Covid-19”, you can still approach the Social Service Officers (SSOs).

They can help to verify details shared by you against your past CPF records.

If you qualify, they’ll assist you.


The Temporary Relief Fund Saga

So why are the authorities so harsh on people who defraud the system?

Well, it might’ve started with this dude who decides to brag online about how he managed to cheat his way to a sweet, sweet payday of $500.

Image: Hardwarezone Forums

The authorities have made it easier to get the Temporary Relief Fund of $500 because they understand the urgency of the matter.

While he did apologise for his “excited post” after getting slammed by Mr Desmond Lee, it was too little, too late.

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In the same Facebook post, Mr Desmond Lee said he had sent reports of abuse to Minister Shanmugam, the head honcho of the Home Team in Singapore, who says officers will follow up when they “find some time later on”.

Shortly after, over 500 people offered to return the $500 because “they don’t need it anymore“.

As of 30 April 2020, 3,171 people had returned the $500 and individuals were advised to return their TRF monies by the end of May.


This will be a “mitigating factor”, Minister of State for Social and Family Development, Sam Tan, said.

Like my handsome colleague said:

Well, yes: you know shit has hit the fan when you put a bucket outside your house to allow thieves to put the stolen money in.

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