Ex-Cheers Cashier Jonathan Now Accused Clement of Using the “F” Word


2023 has started with a bang with the Cheers saga.

And it appears that with the Lunar calendar, 2023 is also starting with a bang…with the Cheers saga again.

Because Jonathan is back, and this time, his target is Clement (again).

Ex-Cheers Cashier Jonathan Now Accused Clement of Using the “F” Word

Lest you’re not aware, Jonathan, the ex-cashier involved the saga, had made a comeback recently on TikTok.

His recent videos were akin to his previous videos, whereby he repeatedly implied the authorities’ incompetence, with a focus on the Singapore Police Force.

Also, the police officer, SGT Clement, is also getting a spotlight from the SPF.

You can watch this short video on a summary of their comeback:


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However, on the last few hours of CNY Eve, Jonathan decided to revisit the videos that have made him a household name with two videos, both of which are shortened versions of his viral videos.

In the first, it shows Clement looking away, and saying something under his breath (or simply biting his lower lip) while facing his right.

In the captions, Jonathan wrote, “Correct me if I am wrong, SPF actually features their office that mumbled ‘f’ word?”

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)

It then cuts to a short footage that SPF recently posted in their TikTok account, whereby Clement is featured in a CNY video.

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)
@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound – Jonathan

It should be noted that despite what Jonathan claimed, it’s quite obvious that Clement wasn’t using the “f” word but simply biting his lip.

Watch this and you’d understand:

In the other video, he repeated the claims that the officers have closed the store despite them saying otherwise:

@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound – Jonathan

Follow Up Videos to Prove His Point

In a move that’d impress all Grammar Nazis and Amos Yee, he then proceeded to prove that he’s right in a series of follow-up videos and comments.

In two videos, he went all Grammar-Nazi mode, focusing on the word “complexed” after a netizen claim there’s no such word.

In one video, he posted articles of how people were charged for using vulgarities (a clear dig at Clement).


And in one video, he showed his viewers what “forensic lip reading” is, whereby                evidence is gathered by reading lips due to lack of clear audio. This is made in response to a comment that said he didn’t hear Clement using the “f” word.

In the comment section, Jonathan is also actively engaging with netizens, all to prove his point, like this:

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)

…and this:

Image: TikTok (@confederateginger)

In the Meantime…

In the meantime, SGT Clement appears to be enjoying his life.

Other than being featured in SPF’s TikTok twice so far, he also appeared in an interview with Power 98’s DJ Jerald Justin Ko, whereby he admitted that people did think he looks like Shang Chi.

@jksg98 🫡 @Singapore Police Force ♬ Cheers (Drink To That) – Countdown Singers

Image: TikTok (@jksg98)

And yes, Jerald Justin Ko is the same person who made the Tabata Encik viral.

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