Cheers Saga Made a Comeback as Jonathan Resumed His Online Shaming & Clement is Featured in SPF’s TikTok

The Cheers saga has a new update again.

If you’ve only 30 second, you can watch this video for a full update:


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In case you forgot, there was a showdown between ex-Cheers employee Jonathan and the Singapore Police Force (SPF) earlier this year.

Jonathan was involved in a dispute with a member of the public (identity unknown) at the Cheers Lau Pa Sat outlet on New Year’s Day (1 January 2023). When the Police arrived, he refused to cooperate with them and show them his ID card for verification.

He proceeded to film the whole encounter and posted it on his TikTok page, wanting it go go viral. He got his wish, of course.

Here is our TikTok recap about the saga.


Real reason why Cheers cashier Jonathan X SPF saga happened #goodyfeed #goodynewsreel

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After he was fired from Cheers, Jonathan went radio silent on his social media. It was like he was Taylor Swift during her “reputation” era.

But that has since changed.

Jonathan’s Grand Return to TikTok

After radio silence for three weeks, Jonathan has made his grand return to his TikTok account. He posted several videos of screenshots about daily affairs.

Jonathan has posted cryptic clips about recent Police news on his TikTok account.

In his splashing return to TikTok, he posted a reel clip of an ex-Ministry of Manpower housing officer molesting an 11-year-old girl. The audio he used for the TikTok clip was “Surprise Surprise”, showing how he was, in fact, not surprised about the news.

@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ Surprise Surprise New – Viral Máster & Virales y más

His derogatory comments, such as “Fishermen no ID? Can produce 65 fishes instead”, seem to signify he is questioning and shaming their behaviour.

@confederateginger #fyp #viral #singapore ♬ original sound – Jonathan

It seems like Jonathan has a lot against civil servant officers.

He also posted a video of someone saying these, with the word “me” on the video:

“I don’t care what you think of me. I had come from an environment with very little cheerleading going on, and so I had created a sort of survival instinct where I would cut people out and minimize opinions, and believe that my opinion was greater than everybody’s else’s opinion around me.”

@confederateginger #fyp #tiktok #singapore ♬ original sound – Jonathan

Clement Strikes Back

On the other hand, the police officer he tried shaming in his initial TikTok clips got featured on Singapore Police Force’s official TikTok page.

@singaporepoliceforce Keeping us safe and secure. Wait a minute! He looks familiar… 🤭 #singaporepoliceforce #fyp #foryoupage #tiktoksg #safeguardingeveryday ♬ Epic Cinematic Trailer (Marvel Hybrid Teaser Soundtrack) – EdRecords

Officer Clement Ng got that rizz.

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Netizens’ Responses

Many netizens left their praises for Officer Clement Ng on the TikTok video.

Netizens compared Officer Clement Ng to “Shang Chi” actor Simu Liu, with whom he does bear a striking resemblance.

Image: @singaporepoliceforce / TikTok

Netizens also praised his calmness in handling the situation with Jonathan. Give the man a promotion.

Image: @singaporepoliceforce / TikTok

Meanwhile, netizens left mocking comments on Jonathan’s TikTok videos.

Image: @confederateginger / TikTok
Image: @confederateginger / TikTok

It seems like the Police have the last laugh in this saga.

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Featured Image: @singaporepoliceforce, @confederateginger / TikTok