Celebrity Couple Chen Yixin & Gavin Teo Have Broken Up


Singaporean stars Chen Yixin and Gavin Teo have broken up after five years of dating.

On 6 February 2024, Singaporean actress Chen Yixin posted this on her Instagram:

In the post, she announced that she and Singapore-based singer-actor Gavin Teo are going their separate ways.

Family, friends, and fans have expressed love and support for the couple.

Singaporean actress Chantalle Ng commented “sending love to you both”, and Yixin’s mother, Xiang Yun, commented six heart emojis.

“We’re all here for you,” a fan commented.

As always with celebrity couples, this announcement “wasn’t easy” to make, especially since “there were expectations about the future of [their] relationship once it became public” in 2021.

The couple first went public about their relationship in 2021, amidst their Mediacorp drama Teenage Textbook: The Series (2021), but it was revealed that they had been dating since 2019.

In her post, the 23-year-old thanked everyone “for the love and support for the past 5 years”, and hopes that fans “can continue to support [them] as individuals as [they] navigate this next chapter.”

Gavin, 28, has yet to officially address their break up.

The break up came as a complete surprise, seeing how the two had just posted about their couple photoshoot for Mango a week earlier on 30 January 2024.

chen yixin and gavin teo for mango
Image: Screenshot From Instagram Reel (@gavinchongzhe)

No matter what happened or will happen, we wish them the best on their individual journeys.

About The Celebrity Couple

Second-generation star Chen Yixin is the daughter of another local celebrity couple – former actor Edmund Chen and actress Xiang Yun.

Gavin Teo first rose to stardom in 2013 from Mediacorp’s reality show ‘Hey Gorgeous’ and has since released seven singles.

The two reportedly met on the set of the short musical film Rhythm of Our Youth in 2019, though Gavin admitted he had previously checked out Yixin’s Instagram and found her “quite pretty and artistic”, but also “unapproachable”.

As someone with strict parents, Yixin did not have much experience with romance. She said that she would only know if someone was interested in her if he spelled it out for her, and assumed Gavin thought of her as just a friend.

To get himself in the mood to confess, then-24-year-old Gavin drank some beer.

Comically, and unfortunately for him, the combination of beer and his nervousness caused him to require a toilet break in the middle of their conversation. He must’ve been so nervous.

Yixin caused Gavin sleepless nights as she took two days to consult her girlfriends and mull it over.

Finally, she told him “let’s do it” and the pair became official in 2019.

Edmund Chen is famously protective of his children, and it didn’t help that Yixin kept warning Gavin about it.


We’re sure he was nervous about meeting Yixin’s parents, but he probably didn’t drink beer as preparation this time round.

Gavin was pleasantly surprised when he was warmly welcomed by Yixin’s parents and said they treated him “like a son”.

During their dating years, the pair did couple photoshoots for a number of brands like Sandro Paris, Calvin Klein, Swarovski, and more.

chen yixin and gavin teo photoshoots
Images: Instagram (@gavinchongzhe)