Men Attacked Club Staff Members After Being Allegedly Denied Entry to Club Along Cecil St


A group of men created a scene after being allegedly denied entry, hurling queue poles and brawling outside the club.

Here’s what happened.

Attacked Staff After Being Denied Entry

On the night of 6 May, a bunch of partygoers were queuing outside Cherry Discotheque at Cecil Street when a group of drunk men were allegedly denied re-entry into the club.

According to the witness who posted this story on Facebook, the men were denied re-entry as they were too drunk and rowdy. The boss of the club even went to talk to them and gave them a full refund of all the drinks they purchased.

However, the group of men were seemingly still unsatisfied and ended up using queue poles to start beating up the staff.

In the video, you can see the staff retreating and trying to close the club’s door, to get away from the assailants. You can also see the men and the staff grappling on the ground:

In another video, you can see more of the club’s staff coming out and approaching the brawl cautiously:

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The men then ran away after the first round of assault but came back to beat up more of the club’s security. Unfortunately, the entire group ran away before the police arrived.

The witness also said that the other partygoers ended up hiding while the brawl was going on, as the drunk men were attacking “almost everyone [in] the area”.

You can read the full post here:

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Featured Image: Facebook (Hebe Duanphen Lim)