JB Has a Daiso-Like Store That Sells Everything for Mere SGD$0.70 & it’s Just 15-Min’s Drive from S’pore


Even though the glory days of Daiso may be over with their products no longer priced at just $2, it seems like us Singaporeans may have a pretty convenient alternative that most of us might switch to soon.

On 6 May, Facebook user Vivien Teo uploaded the following post to the Daiso & Lobang Lovers SG group:

Image: Facebook (Vivien Teo)

Yup, it’s basically like Daiso, just a Malaysian version.

Teo shared that ECO Shop, the store featured in her post, is her “secret shopping spot in Malaysia”.

She expressed elation at being able to go back to the store to do her shopping, and provided several photographs of the different products that the store carries.

Besides household items such as storage containers, crockery and clothes hangers, the store is also stocked with other items such as flowers, cute erasers and hair accessories.

Basically, if you’re thinking of buying anything you can think of that exists in your home, they’ve probably got it.

Giving fellow members a tour of the store, Ms Teo shared pictures of common household items like crockeries and cups.

And if you haven’t figured out the math yet, RM2.20 is worth approximately S$0.70, making it a far better bargain than Daiso ever was.

Although having to travel across the causeway just to relive a taste of how Daiso used to feel for us, here’s some good news.

In Johor Bahru, the outlet closest to the customs between Singapore and Malaysia is located at Taman Suria, just a short 15-minute drive from the customs.

Some of us might even shower longer than that, no?

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ECO Shop has over 200 outlets in Malaysia, and the coat of dark red paint makes their buildings look somewhat similar to older Daiso stores as well.

Although an ECO Shop apparently existed in Singapore back in 2020, no information about it can be found online now.

But it probably doesn’t matter, because it’s evident that most of us probably won’t mind travelling a little further just to flock over to ECO Shop and shop to our heart’s content without burning a pocket in our wallets.

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