Chicken Rice & Laksa Potato Chips Coming to S’pore. Here’s What You Should Know

The cheap yet delicious chicken rice is one of the iconic foods of Singapore.

When my friend traveled from New York (Hi Jon!) to Singapore on a business trip, that was the second thing he requested to eat. It was a shame I didn’t manage to bring him to one of the more famous stalls due to his tight schedule, but he thoroughly enjoyed the dish.


(Because becoming chicken rice is so much better, right? Right?)

Oh, so what’s the first dish? Well, it’s none other than Laksa (Awww yeah).


Ever since then, I’ve been thinking of ways to send him chicken rice and laksa. I did send some recipes his way, but it was really troublesome to make and difficult to replicate the taste.

Eventually, we gave up and figured that he’ll get to eat once he comes to Singapore again anyway.

Well, it has been close to two years since.

But I think I might have found my answer.


Yup, no need to rub your eyes.

Chicken rice and laksa flavored potato chips.

Local brand F.EAST will be launching the two new flavors next Monday (27 Nov). Interested customers will be able to purchase them at F.EAST’s Christmas fair, located at Raffles Place.

For you couch potatoes(like me) out there, the chips are also available for purchase at

The chips will be sold for $3 a pack, and $10 for 4 packs (Until 31 Dec).

Come to think of it, it’s quite expensive, but hey: who cares when chicken rice and laksa officially became adjectives?

F.EAST also mentioned that they hope to introduce more flavors from across Asia eventually.

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Man, I really hope these chips will taste good. After all, it’s rare to see food that’s so uniquely Singapore. I mean, if these flavors could work, there’s no reason why Laksa and Chicken rice wouldn’t, right?

You didn’t see wrong: there are beer and cappuccino flavoured potato chips here on earth. No wonder aliens haven’t visited us.

But yeah, localization of flavors really does play a big part in attracting consumers. If Tom Yam chips can become a thing, why not Laksa chips, right?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go clean out my store room so I can buy more of these chips (Fret not, Jon. I’ll be sending you some!).


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