Man in China Filed for Divorce After Finding Out All His Daughters Are Fathered by Wife’s Lover


While family can extend beyond blood relations sometimes, at other times it’s definitely not the case.

And it seems like it won’t be the case for this man in China for sure, as he is seeking a divorce from his wife of 16 years after discovering that all three daughters that the couple raised together were not fathered by him.

The 45-year-old man surnamed Chen is from Jiangxi, a province in eastern China.

However, he was not at home most of the time as he had a job away from home in order to support his family.

Wife Started Avoiding Calls and Acting Suspicious

According to the South China Morning Post, China Jiangxi Radio and TV Station revealed on 8 June that Chen’s wife, surnamed Yu, started avoiding his calls earlier this year.

She also began to talk about waiting to work away from home at the same time, which started to make Chen suspicious that she was cheating on him. Prior to that, he never thought that she would cheat on him.

Even though Chen worked away from home, the couple would often contact each other through voice and video calls.

Suspicion Led to Him Tracking His Wife Down; Found Out About Her Affair but Forgave Her

After Yu asked to work away from home, Chen started becoming suspicious of his wife’s behaviour.

According to NetEase News, there was one night when Chen was unable to contact his wife at all. She rejected his calls and even turned off her phone, prompting Chen to travel back home to find out what had happened.

He then used his wife’s GPS location function on her mobile phone to track down where she was when she left the house one day.

The location provided by the GPS function showed that she was at a hotel in eastern China where she stayed on 1 March.

After waiting outside the hotel for the entire night, Chen saw his wife walking out of the hotel with a man after checking out of their hotel room the next morning.

The man turned out to be the person having an affair with Yu.

However, even after seeing proof of his wife’s infidelity, Chen decided to forgive Yu for her actions.

Despite Chen’s forgiveness, Yu continued to “disappear” for periods of time and continued her affair outside.

Found Out at First that Youngest Daughter Was Not His Own, Followed by Other Two Daughters

Based on reports by NetEase News, Chen and Yu took contraceptive measures after Yu gave birth to their second daughter.


Coupled with the knowledge that his wife had been having an affair, Chen realised that it was odd that his wife still managed to fall pregnant with their third daughter while using contraceptive measures.

Even though his wife had initially claimed that the contraception had failed, Chen’s increasing suspicion led to him obtaining a paternity test to see if his youngest daughter was his.

The results then showed that she was not her biological father.

However, Chen still decided to stay in the marriage in hopes of keeping the family together.

Chen then proceeded to realise that his other two daughters did not look like him either, and obtained paternity tests for the two of them as well just to be sure.


The result?

Both daughters were not his biological children either.

Wife “Disappeared” After Husband Found Out that Children Were Not His

After Chen found out that none of his three daughters were his biological children, Yu cut off contact with her husband and “disappeared”, making Chen unable to locate her.

Chen, now at his wits’ end, decided to seek help from the local media to resolve the incident.

When speaking to China Jiangxi Radio and TV Station, he was visibly distraught and was crying with his head in his hands.

During the interview, he even mentioned that none of his daughters are his own.


Wife Still Not Repentant, Asks for People to Empathise With Her

After getting in touch with Chen, the TV station was able to find Yu and track her down.

However, instead of expressing remorse for her actions, Yu reacted in a completely different way.

She even justified her actions during her interview by saying that she does not think that she cheated on him.

Yu also questioned the importance of biological paternity and gave the example of how couples who have trouble conceiving adopt children “all the time”.

Apart from that, she also slammed Chen for wanting a divorce just because he got to know that all three of the couple’s “daughters” were actually conceived with another man.


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Based on reports by South China Morning Post, Yu appealed to the public to empathise with her.

She brought up how all three daughters have been calling Chen “dad” for all their lives, yet Chen suddenly said that none of the daughters are his own.

“What is the difference between him and an animal?” she added.

Since the news was reported, Yu has been criticised and shamed extensively on Chinese social media sites.

Some have even brought up the possibility of Chen being able to seek psychological compensation from Yu.

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