Latest Survey Shows S’pore is the Most Overworked Country in Asia

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If it feels like you’re never done with work no matter how many hours you put in, it might not be that you’re lazy.

In fact, you might even feel like you’ve been more productive after reading this article.


Singapore is the Most Overworked Country in Asia Pacific Region

Recently, workplace innovation company The Instant Group carried out a study to examine the work culture in various countries.

According to the study, Singapore is the most overworked country in the Asia Pacific Region. (So when your boss says that you’re slacking, just show them this article, OK?)

By clocking in an average of 45 hours at work every week, Singapore takes the top spot in terms of the longest working hours per week. China takes second place with 42 hours per week.

In terms of average annual leave, Singapore also ranks as one of the countries with the overall lowest amount of annual leave with seven days.

Other countries that have similar rankings include Thailand, which has an average of six days’ annual leave per year, as well as China, which has five.

Overworking Culture in Singapore and its Impacts

According to the study, Singapore’s overworking culture has also caused a whopping 73% of employees in the country to feel unhappy and 62% of employees to feel burnt out in life.

The study also showed that 76% of employees in Singapore hope for a four-day work week in order to reduce the amount of overworking.


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How to Tackle Overworking Culture

The Instant Group also gave some tips for companies to adopt in order to reduce the rate of overworking at work.

Firstly, managers can be taught how to spot burnout and overworking in employees.

Companies can also incorporate “unplugging” into employees’ lifestyles after work hours and on weekends and encourage more open conversations in order for workers to have a greater work-life balance.

Of course, companies can also allow for more flexible and agile working options wherever possible.

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