China Drama Taken Down Due to ‘Offensive Scenes’ Like a Breast-Groping Scene


A Chinese drama has been taken down from streaming sites after negative feedback of an offensive scene, which involves a man groping a woman’s breasts.

The drama, Gentlemen of East 8th, is a 40-episode TV series about the lives of four 30-year-old men navigating their lives, and it streamed on two famous video platforms.

It received the lowest rating for any Chinese Drama with a 2.1 star rating out of 10 by around 190,000 people on Douban, China’s leading movie review site.

Drama is Offensive and Unrealistic

Prior to the removal of the drama, many people have taken to social media to mention that the drama is unrealistic and offensive toward women.

The drama was first brought into the spotlight in an episode where the character played by Zhang Han groped the breasts of a woman.

The infamous scene is shown in a restaurant, and the female character is sitting on Zhang’s lap when he starts to grab her breasts.

In a separate scene, Zhang grabbed the woman’s bra strap in an attempt to prevent her from falling down. This scene was meant to be funny but to many, it was not.

Other Parts of Drama Also Criticised

Other than the obscene scenes, other parts of the drama were criticised as well, specifically the dialogue.

For instance, in one of the scenes, a character can be heard saying lines such as, “My mother has told me that thin women are good-looking and fat women are good in bed.”

This led to netizens saying that Zhang, the main actor, deserves the criticism as he tried to cater to obscene men by humiliating women.

In recent days, Zhang Han has been the most searched keyword on Weibo.

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Who is Zhang Han?

Zhang Han is a Chinese actor renown for his role in the famous drama Meteor Showers.

He also stars in the movie Wolf Warriors 2, which tells a story of a loose cannon Chinese soldier who takes on special missions around the world.

Zhang has many awards under his belt, including awards such as Best Actor, Best Supporting Actors and Breakthrough Actor.

Guess he’s going to have something else under his belt now.

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Featured Image: South China Morning Post