People in China Looking to End Lockdown as New Cases Dropped Drastically


China’s decision to lockdown its 60 million people definitely raised some eyebrows.

For instance, they had to resort to drastic measures such as making use of mobile apps to keep track of every single individual’s movement.

The widely used mobile phone apps, Alipay and WeChat, also helped the government stop those infected with the virus from travelling.

It’s actually kind of creepy.

It definitely has not been an easy thing to go through, but now that the number of new confirmed cases of the coronavirus has fallen, does it mean that the lockdown can be lifted?

People in China Looking to End Lockdown as New Cases Dropped Drastically

It has been a couple of days and several cities at the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak have not recorded any new infections.

Thus, its people have come forward with a message to the authorities asking for the quarantine to be lifted.

According to The Straits Times, one such person is Tang Wushan, a factory worker who lives in central Hubei province where nearly 60 million residents have been under lockdown since end January as the government scrambled to contain the COVID-19 which stemmed from Wuhan.

Here’s the shocking part: He hasn’t gone out of his house located in rural Xiangyang in over 40 days.

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Unless your house is as big as Justin Bieber’s, that’s pretty much like living in their own personal jail. It could drive a person crazy because there are only 16 episodes in Crash Landing on You.

He even went so far as to say that he felt like he was “going to have a breakdown”.

No New Cases In The Province For A Third Consecutive Day Except In Wuhan

On Sunday, there were no new cases in the province for the third day in a row, with the exception of Wuhan which had 41 new confirmed cases.

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This was the first time that this has happened since January, so you can see how much the situation has really improved.

In Xiangyang, there have been no new cases for 12 days in a row, while Xianning city and Shennongjia Forest District have not had any new confirmed cases for 15 days in a row.

“When Will Hubei be unblocked” Hashtag On Weibo Read Over 100 Million Times

As of Sunday, China’s Weibo’s hashtag “When will Hubei be unblocked” has been read a whopping more than 100 million times.

But is it really safe to lift the lockdown in China?


Let’s take a look at the COVID-19 situation in China.

In China, over 80,600 people have been infected with the coronavirus while more than 3,000 people have succumbed and died from the deadly virus.

Most of the deaths and confirmed cases have occurred in Wuhan where health officials suspect that the virus came from.

It is believed that the Wuhan virus allegedly started at a market in Wuhan that sold wild animals.

Why Being On Lockdown Is A Massive Problem For Them

Since you, dear reader, have probably never been placed on lockdown due to a virus *touch wood*, let me explain why it is such an awful predicament to be in.


For one, it has been difficult to purchase daily necessities due to the lack of delivery services. Some people in China have had to resort to surviving on vegetables that they grow themselves.

I wonder if the vegetables will still be growing by the time the lockdown is lifted.

Doesn’t that remind you of a life in North Korea?

Some people in China have also been unable to return to their jobs located in other provinces. Hence, they haven’t received their salaries and are unable to pay their bills and mortgages.

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Another person from Hubei likened it to a tumour on Weibo, “All of us from Hubei are being despised. The situation is clearly severe in Wuhan, why are we treating all of Hubei as a tumour?”

Easing Of Restrictions

But the good news is that there is a small ray of hope. Chibi (no I didn’t misspell it and I’m not angry now), south of Wuhan, removed roadblocks on Friday after 19 days without any new infections.


This allowed more movement of traffic inside (but not out of) the city. Well, at least that’s something.

Bet everyone’s shouting, “Let’s be like Chibi!”

An official, State Council deputy secretary-general Ding Xiangyang from Hubei also said some reassuring things in response to those who are requesting that the quarantine be lifted.

“I believe the day everyone is waiting for will not be too far away,” he said.