Wang Leehom Officially Apologises to His Ex-Wife & Will Take a Break from Work


South Buona Vista Road may have many twists and turns, but it can’t hold a candle to the new drama Tales of Wang Leehom.

Last week, soon after the Taiwanese-American singer announced that he was filing for divorce from his wife Lee Jinglei, Lee published a post on Weibo accusing him of multiple infidelities while they were married. She also accused him of being verbally abusive and not giving her a fair share of assets as part of their divorce settlement.

Yesterday (19 Dec), Wang denied all of his ex-wife’s allegations, saying that it was he who lived in fear during their marriage, and that Lee forced him into marriage.

Just one day later, however, Wang changed his tune.

Wang Leehom Officially Apologises to His Ex-Wife 

Today (20 Dec), Wang apologised to his ex-wife in a statement on his Weibo account for all the mistakes he’d made during his marriage.

While he didn’t directly admit to any of the allegations Lee levelled at him, Wang conceded that he had “failed to manage” his marriage.

“After thinking it over, I should take all the responsibility as a man. I will no longer provide any explanations or defense. I didn’t manage the marriage properly, caused trouble for my family, and didn’t give the public the image that an idol should have. It was all my fault,” he said.

Though he penned a lengthy, four-page response to Lee’s allegations yesterday’s, Wang has come to realise the futility of arguing over incidents that occurred in the past.

“Here, I solemnly apologize to my parents, Jinglei, and the children. Having divorced, arguing about the past is meaningless. From now on, I will pay attention to my words and deeds,” he wrote.

He also promised to financially support Jinglei and the children “as much as possible,” along with taking on the responsibilities of a “father, son, and public figure”.

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Taking a Break from Work

In his post, Wang also said he decided to take a break from work, so that he has more time to be with his parents and children.


He’s doing this “to make up for the damage caused by this turmoil.”

The last part of his post was directly addressed to his ex-wife: “Jinglei, we still have to take care of and raise three children together. I will transfer the house you’re living in to your name. I will also participate in the whole process of rearing the children and bear the expenses,” he wrote.

“I will take all the responsibility for mishandling the incident (divorce). I again apologize to everyone.”

You can read the full statement here. 

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