Chinese Birthday: The Facts & How to Find Out When is Your Chinese Birthday


What if I told you that the Chinese birthday party you’ve been missing out on might involve more candles on your cake? Raised in the Lion City, as a Singapore-born Chinese, I’ve led a life blissfully ignorant of this fascinating twist.

Like most, I had no inkling that I was celebrating only half the deal – my Western, Gregorian calendar birthday. But lo and behold, there was another birthday bash waiting in the wings – my Chinese birthday!

Now, you might be thinking, “When is my Chinese birthday?”

Let’s dive into the world of the Chinese birthday calendar!

Double Aging Delight: The Chinese Birthday Algorithm

In our Gregorian-led universe, we celebrate turning a year older on our birth date. But in the magnificent realm of the Chinese calendar, they prefer a different tune. Imagine being considered one year old right at birth!

The Chinese birthday calculator doesn’t wait for your grand arrival into the world, but rather it sets the timer ticking from the prenatal stage.

You see, given the unique nature of the Chinese calendar, with fewer days per year compared to our conventional Gregorian one, you’re naturally a tad older by their standards. Plus, there’s a twist in the tale.


Instead of adding a year to your life every birthday, the Chinese system does it every New Year. So, if you’re feeling young and sassy, stick to the Western method. But if age is just a number to you, embrace your Chinese age!

No Abacus Required: Your Chinese Birthday Calculator

Before you panic and reach for a calculator or abacus to decipher your Chinese age, take a deep breath. The internet is teeming with Chinese birthday calculators ready to do the work for you.

Imagine my surprise when my 1 January 1995 birthday, which makes me a sprightly 24 in the Western world, makes me a wise 26 in the Chinese realm. Intrigued? Click here to find out yours!

The Mystical Chinese Birthday Chart

The cosmic realm of Chinese astrology is woven into the fabric of the Chinese birthday calendar.

Prokerala sheds light on the enigmatic Chinese Birth Chart, also known as the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar. This chart requires a mother’s Chinese age at the time of conception, serving as a vital cog in determining the baby’s ruling animal, or Chinese Zodiac year. Now, I’m not an astrologist, but I must admit, it’s a pretty cool fact to whip out at parties!

Unearth the secrets of your lunar birthday, find out “what is my Chinese birthday”, and celebrate being a year wiser than you thought.

The joy of discovery is all the more exciting when it involves cake, isn’t it? So, roll out the red lanterns and let’s party, Chinese style!

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