People Are Salty After Naomi Neo Threw a $20K Birthday Party for her 2YO Daughter

Birthdays and celebrations go hand-in-hand, but some people in Singapore take it to town when it comes to celebrating a joyous occasion.

Local influencer Ms Naomi Neo is one of them.

After all, she blew a shocking $20,000 to throw a birthday party for her daughter.

Now how’s that for a celebration?

Influencer Naomi Neo Throws $20K Birthday Party for Her Daughter

In a TikTok video posted by Ms Neo (@naomineo), she offers her followers a glimpse into the lifestyle of the young and rich.

@naomineo and netizens prolly gon’ say i don’t love my son now 💀 #birthdaysurprise #toddler #2yrsold #fyp ♬ Sure Thing (sped up) – Miguel

Pamper your offspring—check. In the caption of her video, Ms Neo shares that the dino-themed birthday party for her daughter cost $20,000.

Image: TikTok (@naomineo)

Her daughter is two years old.

The video featured shots of the birthday party setup, complete with backdrops, inflatable dinosaurs, a barrage of balloons and a beautiful animal-themed cake.

Here’s a shot of the final setup.

Image: TikTok (@naomineo)

Text layovers on the video also mentioned that the 3D dinos were handcrafted, which explains the hefty price tag for the party.

Children were definitely entertained as the highlights of the party included a ball pit, bouncy castle, sensory play activity, an emcee and plenty of guests.

The last scene of the video showed the birthday girl unwrapping presents and happily hugging a red dinosaur.

Ms Neo’s daughter is her second child with her husband.

Based on the locations featured in the video, the birthday party appeared to be held in her home, which she had just moved into this year.

Ok lah, the $20,000 spent could have doubled up as prep for a housewarming party too.

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A Party in the Comments Section

As expected, the TikTok video drew eyeballs and attracted plenty of comments.

Amongst the comments touching on various comments, one was particularly outstanding. From a verified account, no less.

TikTok user @straitstimes left a hilarious comment on Ms Neo’s video. Read it for yourselves below.

Image: TikTok (@straitstimes)

All we can say is we meow too. Please consider our Blue Cat if cats are ever up for the running.

Given the stereotype that Singaporeans love money, there were several unsurprising comments snarkily referencing the cost of the party.

TikTok user @geraldinosaurawr commented that the cost of the birthday party was “more than [the user’s] whole bank account [balance]”.

Image: TikTok (@geraldinosaurawr)

This comment amassed over 2,000 likes. The number was just shy of another zero before it reaches the same quantum as the amount spent on the party. Sadly, there’s no “if I had a dollar for every like” applicable here.

Another comment from user @zylbrado mentioned that the cost of this single extravagant party exceeded the cost of all the birthday parties in the user’s lifetime.

Image: TikTok (@zylbrado)

Don’t be salty; you could be reborn into a wealthy family in your next life.

While we slowly amass our fortunes and dream of such a lavish lifestyle, we can’t wait to see how Ms Neo and her family one-up this fantastic birthday party in the future.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@naomineo)