Chinese Girl Peed on The Road Side and Got Crushed by A Car, Family Demands 1.2million

A six-year-old girl squatted down by the roadside to pee got crushed by a minibus in China recently. Her family is currently demanding 1.2million Yuan (about 250k SGD) in compensation from the driver for negligence.

Every part of this news is ridiculous.

The parents let the kid just squat down in public, basically in the middle of the road, to pee. There’s like 3 issues there already. Peeing in public, staying in the middle of the road, and parental negligence. What in the world?


Then, as captured by a nearby CCTV camera, a minibus rolled over her, with passers-by frantically trying to stop it. Unfortunately, the girl died of her injuries in the hospital shortly afterwards.

In the aftermath of this extremely unfortunate but ultimately preventable accident, the parents have demanded 1.2million in compensation. The police have also agreed with the parents, citing the driver’s negligence.

However, the little girl had been squatting in the minibus’s blind spot, and many Chinese netizens have taken the driver’s side.

Which does make sense, considering what the kid was doing, apparently without parental supervision. It’s a goddamn road, man. You don’t just let your kid squat there to pee.

But then again, the driver did drive the vehicle over the girl, which means he does have to be partly responsible.

If the final verdict is to have the driver take full blame, what is the message being sent here? Are all drivers supposed to check their actual blindspots constantly for small children squatting? How often are we supposed to check? Every 10 minutes? Every minute? Every 10 seconds? There’s something obviously very wrong here.

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