Chinese Woman in S’pore Shows How the Retail Scene Here is Almost Like China

It’s no secret that more Chinese brands are entering Singapore’s retail scene.

Mixue, Haidilao, Miniso, and Juewei are a few examples we can think of.

Well, if you think that the retail scene in Singapore is starting to get crowded with Chinese brands, you’re not alone.

Chinese Woman in S’pore Shows How the Retail Scene Here is Almost Like China

Xiaohongshu user 林林拎不清 took to the social media platform to show several well-known Chinese brands in the Singapore retail scene.

With the caption “Singapore, going overseas but not entirely overseas”, the user showed a 32-second clip of her exploration in Singapore.

Image: Xiaohongshu

Chinese brands mentioned in the video include:

Image: Xiaohongshu
  • Haidilao
  • Yang Guo Fu Malatang
  • Miniso
  • Mi Xue
  • Luckin Coffee
  • Juewei
  • Helen’s
  • Xiaolongkan
  • Yishion
  • Tan Yu

On a side note, how many of the brands on the list were you unaware of being Chinese?

In fact, the antics of Mixue’s mascot, Snow King, gave the user a feeling of home.

Image: Xiaohongshu

For those unaware, the Snow King is notorious in Paya Lebar.

Image: Xiaohongshu

Not a Tourist Nor Did She Mean Any Harm

In her post, the user clarified that she isn’t a Chinese tourist who had just arrived in Singapore.

She has been here for a few years now, and the footage in the clip was collected over a few months.

She asked users not to be “swayed” by media with ulterior motives.

She had never felt that Singapore was boring.

In fact, she had shared more than 600 content about Singapore, including recommendations to local attractions.

Response to Her Post

Not all the responses to her post were positive.

While some focused on the brands she had missed out on, as well as the antics of Snow King, one less-than-happy netizen told her to go back to her home country.

Image: Xiaohongshu

Thankfully, a netizen quickly came to her defence.

What’s the Deal with Snow King?

Currently, the most hardworking mascots in Singapore are probably Snow King and the Douyin Frog.

From playing catch to attacking each other, Snow King and Douyin Frogs were captured playing around the Paya Lebar area.

@fifibunnie mixue x douyin frog collab #tiktoksg #fyp ♬ cupid – aura ! (✿˘˘✿)

Two Douyin Frogs were seen attacking Snow King in another video uploaded by user @tansk76, with one of them shaking its butt before launching blows at Snow King.

Image: TikTok (@tansk76)

In another video, Snow King and one of the frogs were getting in their feels as a busker performed “The Reason” by Hoobastank.

@tansk76 paya lebar square! meet up with mixue! #mixue #foryourpagetiktok #frogmascotsingapore #trending #froginsg #frogmascot #toomuchdeals #innerpeace #froginsg #frogsalute #followus ♬ original sound – SKT76

You can read more about that here.