Chiropractor Kills 80YO Man After She Snapped His Neck During Treatment; Had Pre-existing Condition

Snap me like a glow stick on New Years Eve.

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I’m barely in the middle of my 20s and I already feel the age setting in the crevices of my spine. Inputs from my tiny circle of girlfriends have brought me to the conclusion that it isn’t just me this time.

There’s nothing more appealing than the smell of an impending mid-life crisis and a deteriorating spine! I love adulthood!

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It’s no wonder that people invest on a chiropractor. Even my father’s words of reassurance cannot compare to the fulfilment that the hands of a chiropractor can bring.

I’m kidding! My dad hates me, I wouldn’t know.

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Also, the idea of being “cracked like a glow stick” sounds tremendously terrifying to me.

Today’s story is an exceptional example of why I’ve chosen to live with a bad back. An 80-year-old man from the United Kingdom had his neck fatally snapped by a chiropractor.

Victim’s Neck Was Snapped Like a Rigid Stick 

According to a report from The Daily Mail, the victim was 80-year-old, former bank manager, John Lawler.

Lawler had died from a respiratory derpression after sustaining irreversible spinal damage from having his neck “snapped like a rigid stick” under the hands of chiropractor, Dr Arleen Scholten.

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However, it was found that the victim had an existing condition prior to the incident. His old age had left him to suffer with a calcifying condition which made his spine more rigid.

The jury heard that a chiropractic session was already a risk. They described it to be comparable to bending a spoon backwards and forwards until it broke into two.

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Chiropractor Was Not Trained 

Upon further investigation, it was also found that the said chiropractor, Dr Arleen Scholten, had not asked for any x-rays or images that could have determined the elderly’s existing condition.

The jury also heard that Scholten had not been trained in first aid at the time of the incident but has since completed a course.

Family Calls for Action

The family of the deceased believes that it is the negligence of the chiropractor that caused the unexpected death of John Lawler.

His daughter, Claire Lawler hoped that lessons would be learned from the incident.

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The family has since sought for actions to be taken by the General Chiropractic Council to avoid such unfortunate accidents from happening in the future.

They’ve requested the council to consider the implementation of pre-treatment imaging such as x-rays and other scans to protect vulnerable patients. They also highlighted the importance of having medically certified practitioners.

Dying in the hands of a professional isn’t the most ideal way to die. Such circumstances could have been prevented with the right precautions from trained medical personnel.

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Having said this, do ensure that you engage the services of registered and qualified chiropractors! You’re less likely to die a painful death.

Stay safe, folks!

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