Other Than Chocolate Pie, McDonald’s Has New Thai Milk Tea Ice-cream


My favourite fast-food restaurant, McDonald’s is on a roll this month.

First, it was the launch of their chocolate pie which took South Korea by storm and my colleague is penning an article on it as we speak (oh yeah, you can see our article about the pie in the video, too!).

Followed by two new fish items—Fish & Fries and Sweet Chilli Fish Burger.

Image: McDonald’s

The former is their take on the iconic British fare, Fish & Chips and the latter could possibly be the spicy sister of Filet-O-Fish.

Well, that’s not all.

Thai milk tea ice-cream

They just launched a slew of Thai Milk Tea-flavoured desserts.

Image: tenor.com

As usual, you can get it in a cone or mix it with their vanilla ice-cream or have dipped in a rich chocolate fudge.

Image: mcdonalds.com.sg

You can have it as a hot fudge sundae as well!

Image: mcdonalds.com.sg

Breakfast burgers

Well, McDonald’s is the gift that keeps on giving.

They have added two new items to their breakfast menu as well.

The new burgers have the iconic scrambled eggs sandwiched between a bun and you can have your pick, either with chicken bacon or sausage patty.

Image: mcdonalds.com.sg

A perfect option if you don’t have the appetite to wolf down the entire content of Big Breakfast.

Now, all these talks of food are making me hungry.

Brb, gonna McDelivery.

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**All images from McDonald’s Facebook Page


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