Flight Attendant Said Chow Yun Fat Once Asked for Instant Noodles ‘Coz He Didn’t Want to Trouble Cabin Crew

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Everyone knows that it’s not easy to be a megastar known around the world and, yet, remain humble.

But if there’s one person who managed to do it, it’s Chow Yun Fat.

The star who appeared larger than life in blockbusters like the God of Gambler, Pirates of the Caribbean and A Better Tomorrow is well-known for his eccentric (among stars) behaviour.

For one, while he probably has more than enough money to buy ten cars, he prefers taking the public trains in Hong Kong to get to where he needs to go.

And he queues up to buy the movie tickets to his own movie.

Well, there’s another story of Chow Yun Fat floating around the internet lately.

Yes, it’s similar to his other stories.

Flight Attendant Said Chow Yun Fat Once Asked for Instant Noodles ‘Coz He Didn’t Want to Trouble Cabin Crew

According to 8Days, a former Cathay Pacific flight attendant spilt the beans on the top 10, and worst 10, celebrity encounters she and her colleagues had.

And turns out, Chow was in the top 5 list too.

The former flight attendant, only known as “Ah Sa”, said that she encountered him on a flight back to Hong Kong from Los Angeles.

The movie star was seated in the first-class section of the flight and had ordered noodles for breakfast.

Seeing as it’s first-class, the menu is extensive and Chow had an extensive variety to choose from, including wonton noodles, roast duck noodles and more.

Remembering the incident, Ah Sa said that she had wanted to make a great food experience for the superstar, so she went to the kitchen to put together an “elaborate meal”.

However, when Chow passed by the kitchen on the way to the toilet, he told her to bring him two bowls of instant noodles from the economy class.

“Just get me noodles from economy class. There’s no need to trouble yourself. Something simple will do!” – 8Days.sg

And true to his words, when the food reached him, the movie star just slurped the noodles up happily, Ah Sa recalled.

Jokes Around With Fans

Another flight attendant who was a friend of Ah Sa also had her own Chow Yun Fat encounter to share.


She was a fan of him and always wished to meet him in person.

When she finally got assigned to the same flight he was on, she approached him, gushing about how it took her 12 years working as a flight attendant to finally meet him in person on a flight.

They even had a short chit-chat session after.

When disembarking from the plane, Chow told the flight attendant that it was nice meeting her and hopes it won’t take another 12 years before they encounter each other again.

Not only is Chow an all-around nice guy, but he’s also well-known for being extremely frugal (he was once reported to only spend S$4.50 a day) and plans to donate his entire fortune to charity.

If my mom knew what a great person Chow Yun Fat was, she probably wouldn’t ban me from watching the God of Gamblers back when I was young.



Featured Image: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com