Everything About Circle Line, an MRT-Themed S’pore Movie Just Like Train to Busan


If one were to direct a horror film in Singapore, what would the movie be about?

Maybe a Mr Midnight adaption, just like what Netflix is doing? Or maybe a ghost horror storyline adapted from local ghost stories and haunted locations within Singapore? Or perhaps, a blood-curling storyline featuring rising GST prices?

Well, what about none of the above? Instead, we take Train to Busan, but that train is not going to Busan; it’s going nowhere, on the Circle Line. Instead of zombies, we get a mysterious monster preying on you.

Circle Line, But Scary

The new upcoming movie, Circle Line, is a Mandarin-language Singaporean film screened today.

The film is produced by Taipei Filmes and mm2 Entertainment and is marked as Singapore’s first VFX and CGI-driven modern-day creature film.

Directed by JD Chua and starring Jesseca Liu, Peter Yu, Andie Chen, and Patrick Lee, the film follows a group of trapped train commuters fighting against a giant beast lurking inside the underground metro system.


Among the trapped commuters are a withdrawn mother (played by Liu) with her son. When the mysterious monster strikes and kidnaps her child, the story then follows her brave battle against the beast as she attempts to get her son back.

Here’s the movie trailer uploaded on YouTube:

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On the Film

The film marks the Hollywood-trained actor JD’s feature film debut. His previous short films have been screened at international film festivals, and competed for awards including Buncheon Choice Competition at the Buncheon International Fanstatic Film Festival in 2015 and Best thriller at the Thrillspy Film Festivals in Washington, D.C., back in 2011.


In a panel discussion moderated by Long Long Time Ago actress Cahrmeine Sei, Chua and Liu revealed that the film was shot in Singapore as well as at the Iskandar Malaysia Studios in Johor Bahru. Chua also said that he took inspiration from Paul Greengrass’s film as well as the Korean monster movie The Host.

Let me just say, the monster in The Host was so grotesque, your sleep-paralysis demons are basically nothing next to it. And perhaps the one in Circle Line will be equally disturbing.

Instead of catching feel-good movie for the new year, why not try something different this year by scaring yourself with Circle Line?

Or maybe you can just take the Circle Line during peak hours to scare yourself.

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Featured Image: mm2 Entertainment Youtube

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