Indonesia Building a Housing Estate Modelled After S’pore With ERP, Merlion & an Orchard Road


The next time when you visit Indonesia, you might wonder if you’ve stumbled right back into Singapore.

But you probably haven’t, at least not if you’re at Medan, Indonesia.

Recently, CitraLand Gama City (CLGC), a property estate, has caught the eyes of individuals both within and outside of Indonesia.

The reason?

For its resemblance to Singapore.

Yup, you didn’t read that wrongly; it’s even called “The Singapore of Medan”.

And here’s all you need to know about this housing estate, which is currently still under construction.


Different Landmarks from Singapore Already Built

CLGC, which will span 211.57 hectares of land, will see a large portion of it being a shopping district.

And of course, you can’t have a shopping district without Orchard Road.

It seems like the contractors are aware of that as well, with an iconic green “Orchard Rd” signage being put up within the property.

The developers certainly haven’t forgotten every Singaporean’s “favourite” iconic part of the country, for a quick look at CLGC’s Facebook page will show you an “ERP” that the developers have built as well.

However, instead of the typical “ERP” letters that you would see on ERPs in Singapore, the one in Medan has “CLGC” instead to represent the name of the property.

Apart from that, even the benches along Orchard Road have been replicated.

If not for the absence of bustling crowds and malls in the photo, the photographs would definitely look like they were taken in Singapore.

And in addition to the iconic sights of Orchard Road, CLGC even has its own smaller version of the Fountain of Wealth, a well-known sight near Suntec City that all Singaporeans are familiar with.

Image: CitraLand Gama City

And for those who’ve taken strolls along the Singapore River before, these metal statues might also look pretty familiar to you.

And of course, the property has its own (smaller) Merlion statue as well, because what’s Singapore without the Merlion?


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Their Merlion statue is located right in front of a housing cluster in the property, and that cluster is appropriately named “Fullerton”.

Apart from Fullerton, the CLGC developers have also adapted other location names from Singapore for the various clusters of the property.

The location names used are namely Fullerton, Clarke Quay, Dempsey Hill, and Raffles Place.

However, for those who can’t wait to visit the site and take a look for yourself, the site is currently still under construction as of now, which means that you’ll probably have to wait a little longer if you’d like to experience a trip that will truly feel like a home away from home.


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Featured Image: Facebook (CitraLand Bagya City Property)

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