10 New Facts About NDP 2022, Whereby the Parade Commander is an NSman

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If you’ve been counting down to the next public holiday in Singapore, you’ll know that the annual National Day Parade (NDP) and celebrations are coming up.

While most of us might complain constantly about everything in the country, we all know that National Day’s the one day where we all suddenly become the most patriotic we’ve ever been in our lives. (Yes, don’t lie, I know you belt to Home and Count on Me Singapore when you watch the NDP broadcast.)


And with NDP being just a little over a month away, here’s all you need to know about this year’s NDP.

NDP Will Be Back at Full Capacity After 2 Years of “Downsized” Parades

If the past two years of COVID-19 have erased most of your memory of NDP celebrations in the past, you’ll be glad to hear that NDP this year will be back in full swing.

After having “downsized” celebrations for the past two years due to the pandemic, expect to see a crowd that might remind you of pre-pandemic times at this year’s NDP.

With a capacity of 26,000, the organisers previously said that they wish to open up the seats at The Float @ Marina Bay to “as many Singaporeans as possible”.

Last year, only frontline workers were given tickets to watch the NDP in person, a stark difference from this year’s parade.

Of course, with the COVID-19 restrictions still in place now, vaccine-related regulations will still apply to audience members who wish to attend the parade and its two preview shows.

In particular, only individuals who are fully vaccinated, have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 180 days, are medically ineligible for all vaccines under the national vaccination programme and children below the age of 12 will be permitted to attend the events.


Apart from the audience members, the number of people involved in the marching parade will also be the most in the past three years.

2,000 people will make up 37 physical and virtual marching contingents, with school and civilian contingents like youth uniform groups and socio-economic groups making their first appearance since the scaled-down parades in 2020 and 2021.

Demonstration of Rescuing Hostages from Bus

While some familiar elements of NDP are returning for NDP 2022, there is definitely no shortage of brand-new segments for this year’s edition of the parade.

In particular, there will be a new demonstration carried out by the special forces elements from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), where passengers on a public transport bus that is “hijacked” will be saved by rescuers.

The rescuers will attempt to storm the bus and shatter one of its windows in order to save the “hostages” from the “terrorists” who have “hijacked the bus.

Return of the Total Defence Display; Will Take Place in 2 Parts

If you remember watching NDP in 2017 or earlier, you might remember seeing the Total Defence Display (TDD) take place during the parades.

After a 4-year absence, NDP organisers announced that the TDD will be making a comeback, and that it will be taking place in two different segments with over 500 participants and 50 assets from our security and defence agencies this year as well.

“Defending Our Country”, the first part of the TDD, aims to highlight the SAF’S importance in protecting our country’s sovereignty and independence.

As part of the display, audience members can expect to see “technologically advanced assets” from the SAF, the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF).

Familiar assets like the F-16C/D fighter from the RSAF will make an appearance too, with the fighter aircraft being in charge of showcasing aerobatic manoeuvres around the Marina Bay area.

Naval Divers from the RSN will also be “jumping off an RSAF CH-47F Heavy Lift Helicopter into the waters of the Marina Bay”, and the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank will be driving onto the promenade at the Floating Platform this NDP as well.

Apart from the familiar sights, audiences can also look forward to seeing new assets being used in this year’s TDD.

Firstly, the CH-47F Heavy Lift Helicopter will be replacing the older model of the Chinook Helicopter from the RSAF this year.


The all-new Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle, the first fully-digitalised fighting vehicle from the SAF, will be shown to the public through the TDD for the first time this year.

Thereafter, audience members can enjoy the second part of the TDD, which is titled “Securing Singapore Together”.

According to the organising committee, the second part of the TDD will “showcase Singapore’s inter-agency response to a range of peacetime contingency scenarios such as firefighting, first aid and counterterrorism operations”.

Iconic elements from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) such as the “Red Rhino”, or the Light Fire Attack Vehicle and the Pump Ladder, more commonly known as the fire truck, will be part of this segment.

Apart from that, the Rapid Deployment Troops, Tactical Response Motorcycles and Armed Strike Teams, as well as troopers from the SAF’s Army Deployment Force will also participate in this part of the TDD.


And in this segment, the Pumper Firefighting Machine from the SCDF and the Next-generation Fast Response Cars from the SPF will be used in the TDD for the first time as well.

This Year’s Parade Commander is an NSman

Apart from the various new and returning displays that this year’s NDP will feature, this year’s Parade Commander for the NDP was also revealed.

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) (NS) Desmond Fu has been appointed as the Parade Commander of this year’s edition of the NDP, and he expressed that he is “very glad” to be able to be appointed and for being able to pay tribute to NSmen through the parade.

He also told CNA that his new role as a father to his seven-month-old child has also prompted him to acknowledge that the safety of our country is of great importance, and that we should do whatever we can to continue ensuring Singapore’s safety.

Tribute to NS55

In addition to all the celebrations, National Service (NS) will be commemorating its 55th anniversary (NS55) this year.


To celebrate NS55, a segment of the parade will honour Singapore’s NSmen from the past and present.

The NS55 tribute segment will see the youth contingents marching to form an NS55-shaped formation as a homage to all of Singapore’s NSmen.

NDP 2022 Might Be the Last NDP at The Float @ Marina Bay

And while most of us will probably think of The Float @ Marina Bay whenever NDP comes to mind, this year’s parade might be the last NDP parade being held there.

The NS Square, a redevelopment of The Float @ Marina Bay, was supposed to begin construction in March this year.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays in the construction progress, with MINDEF announcing that construction works for the NS Square will start in March 2023 instead.


According to the current timeline, the construction works for the new NS square will conclude in end-2026.

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Those Who Successfully Got Tickets Will Be Informed Soon

If you’ve been keeping up with the NDP preparations, you’ll know that balloting for tickets for the actual NDP and the two preview shows have recently concluded.

And the balloting results will be out soon, so remember to keep your eyes peeled if you’ve submitted a ballot!

The results of the ticket ballot will be released between 27 June to 1 July this year, and successful applicants will be contacted by the NDP organising committee’s email ([email protected]).

Individuals will receive emails at the email address that they provided during registration, and the NDP Ticketing Committee emphasised that other forms of contact such as SMSes will not be used to contact applicants.


Collection of Tickets to be Held in Mid-July

Apart from the ticket balloting results being released that will be released next week, the organisers have also announced the plans for the collection of tickets.

Each successful applicant will be sent a notification email which includes a QR code that is valid for one-time redemption.

Applicants must produce the QR code for ticket redemption, which will take place from 8 to 10 July 2022 and 15 to 17 July, from 10.30am to 8.30pm.

The location for ticket collection is at Central Atrium (Level 2), Marina Square (6 Raffles Blvd, Marina Square, Singapore 039594).

If applicants are unable to collect their tickets on the aforementioned dates, they can forward the notification email to others who are able to help them collect the tickets.


However, since the QR code is only valid for one-time redemption, the committee also highlighted that applicants are “strongly discouraged” from sharing the email with multiple recipients.

You Might Get to Win Tickets By Dancing to This Year’s NDP Song

And if you missed out on the balloting process but still want to try and see if you can get a pair of tickets, we’ve got you covered too.

NDPeeps, the official Facebook page of the NDP, is currently conducting a “Dance of the Nation” lucky draw, and winners stand a chance to win a pair of NDP tickets or a plushie of the August mascot.

Participants will have to film themselves dancing to “Stronger Together”, this year’s NDP theme song.


To participate, just follow the following steps as listed by NDPeeps:

Step 1: Submit your video at https://ndp.gov.sg/activities/dotn

Step 2: Post your DOTN video on your Facebook or Instagram page and tag NDPeeps and use hashtags #NDP2022 #StrongerTogether #Majulah

Step 3: Set your post/profile to public so we can watch your video

Step 4: Follow NDPeeps on Facebook or Instagram


For more information, check out the following video:

The lucky draw ends tomorrow (24 June) though, so hurry if you’d like to participate!

Heartland Celebrations Before Actual NDP

And aside from the actual NDP celebrations on 9 August, Singaporeans all across the island can look forward to heartland celebrations that will be organised with the People’s Association on 6 and 7 August this year.

The celebrations will take place at five different locations, and more details regarding the celebrations will be available in due time.


Additionally, the Red Lions parachute team will also be conducting their free-fall jumps at two other heartland locations on 7 August as well.

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