A 4-Star Hotel in Clarke Quay Has a Work-From-Hotel Pass For Just $15/Day With Free Drinks & Dining Vouchers

Finding the whole ‘work from home’ scheme a little unproductive, even if it’s admittedly really easy on your legs?

Well, it might be time to switch to the all-new ‘work from hotel scheme’.

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A Hotel in Clarke Quay Has a Work-From-Hotel Pass For Just $15/Day With Free Drinks & Dining Vouchers

According to Furama Riverfront Hotel, they are now offering wholesome work from hotel passes…

With daily ones priced at just $15/day!

And lest you’re wondering, it’s not just an admission pass in the strictest sense…

But one that entails a significant number of perks.

For just $15, you’re entitled to the following benefits on a daily basis:

  • Free flow coffee, tea, juices and soft drinks.
  • High-speed wifi access.
  • Parking coupon for the owner of the voucher.
  • 10% off total bill at any restaurant in the hotel, with the discount applicable for multiple times during the validity of the Daily Pass. Not applicable with other promotional offers or discounts though.
  • $10 dining credits applicable to all restaurants and food counters in the hotel. These dining credits can be used with other promotional offers or discounts.

Now I don’t know about you, but free-flow soft drinks with high-speed wifi access and wholesome meal discounts?

Sounds nothing short of amazing.

Also, have a kid to take care of everywhere you go? Well, no worries. The daily pass will also grant you up to 2 hours of free play at Waka Waka for one child, with complimentary tea made available for accompanying adults.

In addition, various aspects have also been set up to accommodate your basic working needs:

  • Access to meeting spaces, with presentation equipment provided upon request and subject to availability. Note that the first hour is complimentary and that charges will be applied subsequently.
  • Complimentary mail service by the concierge, which includes arranging for couriers and mail posting. Stamps are complimentary.
  • Printing services by the concierge for A4 black and white up to 30 pages. Colour prints are chargeable.

And There’s Also A Monthly Pass

Now, the daily pass may be enticing enough, but the fact remains that an entire month of daily passes would equate to roughly $450…

Which would still put a dent in anyone’s wallet.

And so, if you find yourself working from the hotel on more than the rare occasion, you may want to check out the monthly pass, which comes at a relatively discounted price of S$250 and with a multitude of both upgraded and new perks including:

  • Complimentary daily parking coupons.
  • 20% off total bill at any restaurants in the hotel.
  • Discounted Waka Waka Explorer pass.
  • Complimentary access to Workshops at Waka Waka.
  • 38% off room reservation at Furama RiverFront. Applicable for one-time redemption.
  • Complimentary storage provided by the concierge.

Which, with all things considered…

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Really comes across as worth-it if you’re into the whole ‘work from home scheme’.

And So… What’re You Waiting For?

If you’re sick and tired of the confines of your home and happen to live near to town…

This is one scheme that may just hold more pros than cons for you.

With that said, you can click here to purchase an e-voucher for Work From Hotel passes, and email [email protected] or call/message +65 8908 2600 to find out more.

You can also click here to view their FAQs and terms and conditions.

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