Elderly Cleaner Donates Life Savings To Thank Wuhan Virus Medical Workers


Amidst times of crisis and a seemingly endless barrage of dreary news, it is always heartening to hear that there is still some good in this world.

Just a couple of days ago, we wrote about how a couple had travelled to Vietnam to purchase masks before distributing as many as 17,000 masks to strangers at Punggol MRT.

Even celebrities have chipped in and at least one has donated as much as S$2 million to help out in the fight against the Wuhan Virus.

Perhaps there is hope for the world after all:

Elderly Cleaner Donates Life Savings To Thank Wuhan Virus Medical Workers

A video shared by South China Morning Post (SCMP) on 5 February showed how a selfless elderly Chinese cleaner or sanitation worker donated his life savings to medical workers at the frontline of the fight against the novel coronavirus.

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He didn’t post his good deed on social media. He didn’t even wait around to hear a word of thanks.

He wasn’t looking for praise.


Instead, he simply left his generous donation at the police station and promptly left without so much as a glance behind.

Image: Facebook (South China Morning Post)

The package included a handwritten letter explaining why he left the money at the police station.

Read it here, as translated by SCMP:

Image: Facebook (South China Morning Post)

He also signed off as a “Sanitation worker of Donggang”.


It is understood that the elderly man only earned 600 Yuan (~S$118) per month. However, he donated a total of 12,000 yuan (~S$2,380).

The identity of the worker is unknown as he did not put his name down on the letter.

Perhaps he wanted to remain anonymous, which makes his actions even more selfless and kind.

Even though he did not have much to his name, he still wanted to help out in some way in the fight against the Wuhan virus.

Let’s hope that everyone takes a page out of his book and spread some love and generosity instead of fear and hate during this period.

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