95YO Granny Travels 1 Hour to Work as Coffee Shop Cleaner in Woodlands As She Doesn’t Want Money from her Children


For most of us who may complain whenever we need to work OT, this 95-year-old great-grandmother might put us all to shame.

Even though Zheng Xuehua, who is 95 this year, has no need to provide for herself, she still insists on travelling an hour each day to work as a cleaner at a coffee shop in Woodlands.

Shin Min Daily News saw Zheng at the Block 780 Woodlands Crescent coffee shop where she works at, and added that she is commonly seen working in the area.

Shin Min also added that Zheng has been working as a cleaner for the past 14 years, and that you probably wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at her thin and slightly hunchbacked figure.

Zheng’s Story: Came to Singapore When She Was 20

During her interview with the Chinese daily, Zheng revealed that she was only 20 years old when she travelled from Fujian, China to Singapore with her husband.

Although the couple shared seven children over the years, they eventually parted on less-than-ideal terms, leaving Zheng to provide for all her children by herself.

At the age of 30, she went to different kampongs by herself to try and sell women’s clothing, and used the money to raise her children.

Not Used to Retiree Lifestyle

Zheng also recounted how she went through many hardships when she was younger, and she ended up not being used to the free yet boring lifestyle after retiring.

Hence, she took a look through the newspaper classifieds section and managed to secure a job as a cleaner in a coffee shop. She said that the money earned would be for her retirement.

Didn’t Change Job Despite Moving House; Travels 1 Hour to Work Now

Zheng explained that she decided to take up a job in Woodlands since she was living with her younger son in the area at that time, but that son eventually moved to another area.

Hence, she started staying at another son’s house in Toa Payoh, but decided to not change jobs.

Currently, she travels for an hour just to get to her workplace.

She gets up at 4.30am every day and takes the MRT train to Woodlands, where her job is.

When asked why she wakes up so early, she explained that she “moves slowly” and that she does not want to be late for work.

Zheng also mentioned that she had become weaker over the years, but will continue to try her best and work for as long as she can.

She ends work at 3pm.


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Has 20 Great-Grandchildren, But Doesn’t Want Their Money

Although her family, which includes 20 of Zheng’s great-grandchildren, has assured her that they will take care of her, Zheng stated that she does not want their money.

She has continued to work as she has been used to it for her entire life, despite her family’s pleas to ask her to quit her job as they are concerned for her health and safety.

She said that her children have to provide for their own families as well, which already puts a strain on them. Additionally, she prefers to be financially independent and be able to support herself financially.

She also explained that it was her responsibility to provide for her children as their mother, but she does not ask for anything in return from them.

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