Woman Claims Shi Li Fang Mala Soup Has Over 10 Tiny Bugs Only After Consuming It

Imagine this: You’ve just ordered some good, hot mala soup to enjoy for the afternoon, and you’ve been excitedly waiting for it to come so that you can finally dig in.

But then you realise that your order has come with a side of extra protein, and it’s not the chicken or beef strips that you’ve been craving lately.

Unfortunately, that sort of incident happened to Facebook user Cheryl See after she ordered mala soup from hotpot chain Shi Li Fang Hotpot.

On Thursday (5 May), See took to the social media platform to share her unappetising experience with the food she ordered.

In her caption, she wrote that she had contacted Shi Li Fang, but they did not offer her any response even after 24 hours, which was why she chose to share her experience online.

“Not trying to create drama – just want to create awareness about their cleanliness,” she clarified.

See also mentioned that she was “going to let it slide” when she only saw one bug in the soup, but upon looking at the soup more carefully she found more than ten other bugs in it as well.

She also attached multiple photos of different bugs on the lid and rim of the soup in her post.

Based on her photos and one of See’s comments in the comments section, it seems like she found a mix of different bugs in her soup.

“It’s extremely unhygienic & could cause serious health issues – lucky for me, it was stomachache & runs. If a child/ elder consumed it, it could’ve been worse,” she wrote.

She also tagged Shi Li Fang’s Facebook page at the bottom of her caption, and tagged the Facebook pages of the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and National Environment Agency (NEA) as well.

Netizens’ Reactions

To no one’s surprise, many netizens were horrified after reading about See’s experience.

Some advised See to approach NEA and SFA directly, while others tagged their loved ones in the comments section to spread the awareness.

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However, it seems like it isn’t the first time customers have had issues with Shi Li Fang’s hygiene standards, as well as their lack of responsiveness to customers’ feedback regarding their hygiene issues.

One Facebook user claimed that their family member ended up with food poisoning after dining at one of the hotpot chain’s restaurants.

Another commenter shared a photo of his experience at Shi Li Fang, where he found a fingernail in his tomato hotpot soup.

“I ate a finger nail in their hotpot couple years ago. I asked for an investigation but all they tried offer was voucher and plushies (and of course I didn’t accept them). Said they will get back to me but didn’t. Singapore Food Agency (SFA) If you’re interested, I can share screenshots of my messages and email with SLF. Seriously these guys got some hygiene issues,” the user wrote.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Cheryl See)