Temple in Jalan Besar Conducting Special Blessing for Pets on Vesak Eve

If you’ve been keeping track of public holidays in Singapore, you probably know that Vesak Day is coming up soon on 15 May.

And while our impression of Vesak Day may be limited to praying in temples, that might change very soon.

On 4 May, Thekchen Choling Singapore, a Buddhist temple located at Jalan Besar, uploaded the following post to its Facebook page:

Yup, pet blessings. Absolute music to pet lovers’ ears.

In the post, the temple announced that it will be holding its first-ever animal blessing night on the eve of Vesak Day (14 May) to celebrate “Buddha’s Universal Love for all beings including animals”.

Firstly, there will be an animal blessing session conducted by the Venerables at the temple.

“The blessings of love and light will allow your pets to create a strong affinity with Buddha, giving them a joyous and unique Vesak experience,” the temple said.

Other than that, light offerings for pets will also be available. The light represents hope, and owners can make wishes together with their pets to bring able beneficial changes together in their lives.

Paw painting will also be an available activity for our furry companions, where facilitators will be on duty to help teach pets how to paint with their paws, making a unique art piece for you to enjoy afterwards.

The temple will also be giving out freebies like pet food from Hill Science Diet and other gifts, so don’t miss out!

Thekchen Choling Singapore also mentioned in the post, “All activities are free of charge but you may wish to make a freewill donation to our Animal Welfare Fund.”

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Upon reading the post, many netizens were delighted to see such events catered to the pets in the family, and I think it’s safe to say that there’ll be no shortage of pets running about in the temple on Vesak Day eve.

To check out all of Thekchen Choling Singapore’s Vesak Day programmes, click here.


And here’s the temple’s address if you’re thinking of heading down!

Thekchen Choling Singapore (新加坡大乘禅寺)
2 Beatty Lane
Singapore 209945

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Featured Image: Facebook (Thekchen Choling Singapore)