It’s Official; Clementi Has the Best Police Division in S’pore For 2022


If you want to feel safe in Singapore, staying in Clementi is what you should aim to do.

After all, the Clementi Police Division was awarded the best police division yet again.

Here is what they did to win that award.

Clementi Police Division Was Awarded the Best Land Division in 2022

The annual Police Day Parade was just held on 3 June (Saturday) at the Home Team Academy (HTA), and Clementi Police Division emerged as the Best Land Division in Singapore.

And this excellence is not a one-off thing but a long-standing tradition. In fact, this latest award is the 11th time the Clementi Police Division has won the award.

What a big nod to their achievements for 2022.

The award was presented by Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, with more than 650 officers and other members in the contingent witnessing this event. The audience of over 2,000 people also celebrated the achievements of the Clementi Police Division.


Clementi Police Division earned this prestigious award after their significant efforts in 2022, including reducing the occurrence of five types of preventable crimes in their jurisdiction by more than 10%.

DPM Wong, who spoke to Lianhe Zaobao, said that the Police Day Parade was a momentous and meaningful day as it was a day to salute and celebrate our police officers. The jobs that our police officers do is by no means easy, and they have to constantly overcome tough obstacles to prevent and reduce the crimes that occur within their jurisdiction.

It is for this reason that DPM Wong gave his heartfelt thanks to the police officers for their resilience and continuous efforts to bravely keep Singapore safe.

Apart from the Clementi Police Division, other award winners with something to shout about included the Airport Police Division and Jurong Police Division. These two divisions were joint winners of the Best NS Operationally Ready Unit.


For those who are unaware, the Best NS Operationally Ready Unit recognises national service divisions for their management of our “army boys” in the areas of operations, fitness and recall rates.

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Acts That Earned Clementi Police Division That Award

Here are some of the more notable events that the Clementi Police Division accomplished in 2022, which may have contributed significantly to them winning the award.

Amongst the top is rescuing a woman who had been locked in her bathroom door for four days.

The 31-year-old woman had been reported missing by her relatives after they could not contact her for several days. Neighbours also said that they did not see the woman recently when interviewed by the investigative police team.

When the police officers to the woman’s unit went to investigate her disappearance, they deduced that she might have been at home but was not in a state to respond. Indeed, that deduction was correct, as the woman was trapped in her windowless bathroom when the police finally managed to enter the woman’s unit.

Some of the clues that the police officers used when making this guess was noticing the delivery parcels outside the woman’s house. They also heard faint sounds coming from inside the unit.

The woman was given medical treatment after being rescued and has been recovering since the incident.

Apart from the woman, the Clementi Police Division also managed to help a 19-year-old teenager who was a special needs individual.

The teenager had been reported missing for over two weeks and had been kept hostage in a hotel room in Lavender.

What transpired was that the teenager had been hidden in a room in Arton Boutique Hotel in Lavender and seriously abused by a group of youngsters while held captive. He was in critical condition when the police found him, though he eventually managed to recover.


Some of the injuries on the teenager included slash wounds, fractures and extensive head injuries, and chemical and cigarette butt burns.

The police managed to find him after the teenager’s sister saw a post of her brother being abused online.

Further details about this case were not revealed by the police as the courts are currently handling this case.

It’s Not Just Big Cases

Of course, Clementi Police Division does not only solve the “big” cases. It also takes effort and pride in preventing petty crimes such as shoplifting.

Shoplifting has unfortunately been on the rise in Singapore, with 2022 seeing more than 3,000 cases of shoplifting. This is a huge 20 per cent increase from the shoplifting numbers in 2021.

To combat such petty crimes, the Clementi Police Division lent their efforts to raise awareness of retail safety and increase the security of shops located in Clementi. After all, education is key if you want to see real improvements in security.


Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach the man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

If you want to know how you can protect your shop from those with itchy fingers, do look out for big groups of customers who may try to distract you while others pilfer something from your stall.

Also, keep your expensive and pricey items locked up so that others cannot easily take them.

Installing CCTV cameras and other methods of surveillance at blind spots in your shop could also be a good way to deter any shoplifters eyeing your goods.

And, of course, constant vigilance would be helpful.


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