CNA Anchor So Fed Up With Husband’s COVID-19 Negative Result, She ‘Passed’ the Virus to Him

If you tune into the news on CNA frequently, CNA anchor Glenda Chong might be a pretty familiar face to you.

And if you know anything about what the 50-year-old anchor is like behind the scenes, you’ll know that she’s full of hilarious and relatable antics, especially from the clips that she posts on her personal Instagram account.

More recently, one of her funny stories gained the attention of netizens after she uploaded an amusing clip of her recalling her COVID-19 experience with her husband.

And before you ask, “What’s so interesting about catching COVID-19?”, it’s not really about the fact that both of them caught COVID-19, but rather how her husband caught COVID-19.

She Tested Positive While Husband Still Tested Negative

In the video uploaded yesterday (3 August), Chong mentioned that both she and her husband had been experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, but only her Antigen Rapid Test (ART) had a positive result.

“We were both showing signs of infection with him running a temperature too but his ART kept being negative,” she explained in her caption.

In between chuckles, Chong said that she told her husband, “What? You are showing the exact same symptoms, you obviously have Covid, but your test is still negative. Are you not digging your nose deep enough or anything like that?”

After her husband assured her that he had conducted the ART correctly, Chong then decided to take matters into her own hands by snogging her husband.

“He asked for a kiss – so I gave him a loving kiss as a wifey should,” she added jokingly in her caption.

For the record, it seemed like it worked.

“I got so fed up, I gave him one big snog, the next day, positive. [Big laugh] I was like, ah, so annoying, might as well get it together, get it over and done with together,” she laughed as she said.

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Netizens’ Responses

After watching the clip of her explaining her COVID-19 journey with her husband, most netizens were left tickled pink.

Many left the “laughing-crying” emoji in their comments, while others expressed their support for Chong and her smooching her husband.

“Yeah that’s the way!! Show the Love. Haha,” one Instagram user commented

Another commenter even wrote, “hahaha.. I should suggest this to my cousin who’s in the same situation now.”

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Featured Image: Instagram (@glenda.chong)