People Are Reselling Jackson Wang’s Marquee Party Tickets on Carousell

If there’s one thing that Singaporeans will queue and fork out exorbitant amounts of cash for, it’s the McDonald’s Hello Kitty toys.

Oh, and concert or clubbing tickets to see famous idols and celebrities too, of course.

And for those who’ve been keeping up to date with which celebrities have recently landed in Singapore for activities, you might know that K-Pop idol and GOT7 member Jackson Wang will be at Marquee Singapore this coming weekend from 10pm on Saturday (6 August) night to 6am on Sunday (7 August).

Wang, 28, will be in charge of hosting and curating the Team Wang records (Human Remix) event, which is a ticketed event, at the nightclub.

Apart from the K-Pop idol, other names joining the event include DJ Fvder, beatboxer Dharni and other artists such as Laurie, Xenzu and Boytoy.

Tickets Originally Sold for $60

After Marquee announced the lineup for the Team Wang records (Human Remix) event last Thursday (28 July), tickets were soon sold out online on the same day.

Tickets for the events were sold online on Marquee’s website, with prices of $60 for women, $80 for men and $200 for an expedited entry ticket.

But if you’re familiar with how tickets like these are sold, you’ll know that some ticketholders have turned to platforms such as Carousell to resell their tickets for much higher prices.

And if you’re wondering to yourself, “How much can these tickets even be sold for?”, you’re in for a shock.

Especially since Wang, who was born in Hong Kong, is a pretty huge name for K-Pop fans of all generations.

Singaporeans Selling Tickets on Carousell for Hundreds of Dollars

With it being less than a week before the nightclub event, there are bound to be fans who didn’t manage to get their hands on tickets to see their favourite idol.

On the other hand, there are also those who’ve gotten tickets, but seem to be using those tickets for another purpose altogether.

In particular, a quick browse through Carousell after typing in Wang’s name will bring up dozens of search results like these:


Nope, it’s not that you’ve got cataracts. These tickets are actually that expensive, with some of them going up to six or seven times of the original price.

From $420 for a female ticket to $1,000 for a priority queue ticket, it seems like the prices set by these sellers are ridiculously high.

But it also seems like there are also individuals who are willing to accept the hefty price tag, as long as they get to see their beloved idol.

On one Carousell listing, the user wrote, “

Looking for 2 men + 1 lady’s tickets, in all 800, can [negotiate]; also accept separate tickets, [please Private Message] to discuss

For tables seats, can send me your bid for 3 ppl, looking for ~350, can [negotiate].”

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Marquee’s No-Reselling Policy

Despite the “willing seller, willing buyer” situation that this seems to be, there’s one issue that individuals who buy tickets through resales may face.

According to Marquee’s website, it seems like the nightclub has a rather strict policy when it comes to patrons entering with resold tickets, so

“Tickets may not be resold or offered for resale or used for or in connection with any advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of the above condition, the ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused entry,” its website states.

So for those who’re still keeping your eyes peeled on Carousell for a deal, here’s a head’s up.

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