Mediacorp Responds After CNA Presenter Julie Yoo Fainted While on Live TV

It’s every reporter’s worst fear—messing up on live television.

But what if you can’t control it?

CNA Presenter Julie Yoo Fainted While on Live TV

A CNA presenter, Julie Yoo, fainted yesterday (9 November) live on Asia Tonight just as she was about to start her report.

Luckily, her co-host Jake Board was right beside her and rushed to her aid.

The programme had to cut back to the studio immediately and it was quite clear that she was slightly taken aback but she quickly got back into it and carried on.

Julie Yoo was meant to cover the United Nations-led COP27 climate talks in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt on that day before her sudden episode.

In a statement by Mediacorp on Wednesday night, Julie had fainted due to “dehydration and low blood sugar.”

She will be back today and will continue to cover the talks till 18 November 2022.

Julie also co-hosts CNA’s flagship morning show, Asia First, which airs at 7am every day.

Unpredictability for Live News

Reporting live is always a scary task because of how unpredictable it is but reporters are usually trained to remain composed and carry on without making things obvious.

For example, ABC News encountered some mishaps during their live TV and they even compiled them and made it into a YouTube video.

In one of the mishaps, the lights went out during one of their weather forecasts but the reporter played it off and continued his job as though nothing happened.

Another memorable situation was during a live call and the children of one of the callers entered the room and started chilling around him.

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