It’ll Continue to Rain Every Day During the Entire 15-Day CNY Period


The rain hasn’t stopped since the Rabbit Year began, and if you’re somehow waiting for the rain to stop before leaving the house, then you might only leave the house after Chinese New Year instead.

Last week, the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) reported that it’s going to be a rainy CNY, as the last two weeks of January 2023 are expected to be wetter than the first fortnight of the year.

The prediction has been correct so far because it’s now raining every day.

Or every minute.

And it’s not going to stop.

It’ll Continue to Rain Every Day During the Entire 15-Day CNY Period

According to, for the entirety of the 15-Day CNY period, it’ll rain every single day.


Given how it hasn’t stopped raining since the Rabbit Year, that prediction isn’t unlikely.

However, according to NEA, we might see a day without rain: on this Friday.

Image: NEA, on the other day, predicts that there is still a 60% chance of a rain in the afternoon on that day.


Year of the Water Rabbit

Lest you’re not aware, 2023 isn’t just the year of the Rabbit: It’s the year of the Water Rabbit.

It has nothing to do with the weather: instead, each year, there’s an elemental sign, and this year, the elemental sign for Rabbit is water.

The next Rabbit year, set to be on 2035, would be the Wood Rabbit.

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Demand for Private-Hire Vehicles and Taxis Up the Roof

On a normal holiday, demands for private hire vehicles, taxis and food delivery are usually a tad higher.

With the constant rain, and the first CNY without restrictions after two years, the demands shot up the roof, leading to long waiting times and high surges.

Based on my personal experience, a trip from Yishun to Woodlands surged up to $40 when it usually cost less than $15. Worst of it? I still couldn’t find a driver despite me accepting the rate.

According to people interviewed by The Straits Times, there were even people skipping their visits after they saw the price soar and lack of drivers.


In other words, if you’re a private hire or taxi driver, it’s time to hit the road because you’d huat big time.

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