Some Coffee Shops in M’sia Force Patrons to Order Drinks If Not They’ll Have to Pay a Fee


If you have not realised already, whenever we visit a kopitiam or food court in Singapore for a lunch break, we do not really order any drinks.

This can be because of various reasons ranging from price to time constraints.

However, a coffee shop owner in Malaysia has recently brought up a point regarding this situation that Singaporeans hope would never exist in our country.

Mr Micha Ooi, who owns a coffee shop in George Town, Malaysia, recently said that customers have been patronising his coffee shop for food but does not fork out a single cent for drinks. This is especially so with foreigners.

He also mentioned that in some instances, people come in groups of five and not a single one ordered any drinks.

Patrons Have to Pay 50 Sens if They Do Not Order Drinks

To counter this problem, Mr Ooi has came up with the idea of forcing patrons who visit his coffee shop to pay 50 sens (~S$0.15) if they do not want to buy any drinks.

This is apparently a standard practice that many coffee shops and food courts around the area have adopted. Shockingly, some of the coffee shops even have an “entrance” fee of one Ringgit.

Mr Ooi has said that despite making visitors pay the 50 sens, he would still serve them with plain water.

He further explains that by putting up the signage, he hopes that the customers can emphatise with his situation and encourage them to buy a drink to support his business. He also said that in return, they would not be disappointed with his hospitality.

Signages Have Been Working

Ever since Mr Ooi placed his signs on the tables of the coffee shops, more people have been ordering from his drink stall.

On the other side of the street, a food court vendor also mentioned that by implementing such “rules”, it helps to deter people from sitting down and taking up the seats for free.


This is especially important during peak hours when people who are always actively trying to find seats.

So the next time you visit coffee shops in Malaysia, it’s better to buy a drink to make your money worthwhile.

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