3 Teens Attacked a Girl in Sengkang Car Park Allegedly Due to Relationship Matters


While fights between teenagers over social media might be (unfortunately) a pretty common occurrence these days, it seems like some are still taking things into their own hands.


Just on Tuesday and Wednesday (16 and 17 August), several videos of a fight between several teenagers at deck 6A of a multi-storey car park in Sengkang went viral on social media.

And if you haven’t seen the three clips that were submitted to the SGFollowsAll Telegram group, here’s all of them compiled together just for you.

After watching the videos, the TikTok wars that you’ve been greeted with whenever you open the app probably don’t seem that bad after all.

In the clips, a group of three girls dressed in black were filmed beating another girl up at the car park.

Based on what the girls in the video said, they had decided to attack the victim after the latter allegedly “broke up” another girl’s relationship.

And if you did the maths, you’ll realise that the victim, who was dressed in a white hoodie, ended up with at least 11 punches and 15 kicks according to what was filmed.

In the videos, it also seemed that the attack left the girl with a bloody mouth as well.

And for all the relationship experts who mediated all your friends’ issues in the past, here’s what’s happened.

First Video

The very first video begins with a girl dressed in a black shirt with Thai text punching the victim repeatedly, while the latter sits on the floor of the car park with her knees to her chest and elbows above her head to try and protect herself.

After the punches, another girl, this time one with brown hair, started to kick the victim’s head, forcing her into a corner.

She also threw slippers at the victim, all of which seemed to amuse the other attackers.

The group of girls also constantly interrogated the victim, who attempted to defend herself throughout the questions.

At one point in the video, one of the girls threw the question, “You break Rachel’s relationship ah?” towards the victim.


On the other hand, a teenage boy walked towards and behind the camera, and someone off-camera asked, “What is the [issue] now ah?” as well.

Thereafter, those standing behind the camera began to weigh their options and discuss if they should interfere in the issue.

Second Video

And if you think that the first video wasn’t bad enough, here’s what happened afterwards.

In the second clip, the girls in black held a phone near the girl in white before playing a voice recording to her.

The audio clip allegedly included proof that the victim had badmouthed someone else.


After playing the clip, one of the assailants proceeded to pour an entire bottle of liquid on the victim’s head before turning to the camera and smiling.

The physical attacks then continued, with a girl wearing a top with “acmé de la vie” printed on it attacking the victim with two high kicks.

Right after that, the girl with brown hair tugged on the victim’s hair, causing her to fall to the floor.

When one of the attackers fell down after kicking the victim, the victim took the chance to hide behind a teenage boy dressed in red.

Prior to this, the boy was watching the entire incident unfold before his eyes.

Upon seeing this, the attackers started bellowing at the boy and told her to “let go of her” while the victim continued to inch away from them.


The video then showed a bottle being thrown into a van parked near the group, and some behind the camera asked if the vehicle belonged to them.

To that, one person replied, “Ya lah, f*cked up sia”.

Third Video

And even though the victim managed to try and protect herself by hiding behind the boy, it is apparent in the third video that he did not shield her much when the attackers continued to attack her.

They soon managed to get behind him before they continued to kick and hit her, and pulled her hair as well.

The victim, who was trying to ask for the attacks to stop, also took many of the blows to her head and face.


One of the girls who punched her in the face even asked the victim, “Whose relationship [are you] trying to break now?”

In the end, the victim apologised before one person said that the victim’s mouth was bleeding, and that it was “enough”.

Apart from that, one of the male teenagers also kneeled and put his hand on the back of the victim’s head.

One person behind the camera also told the group, “Guys, let’s go.”

Before leaving, however, one of the assailants dressed in black told the girl sternly to “try to break people’s relationship”.

Boy Who Stepped in to Shield Victim from Jurong Secondary School Student

Throughout the video, two teenage boys also appeared while wearing their school’s PE shirt.

According to some netizens, the red shirt with a design with the word “loyalty” belongs to Jurong Secondary School, meaning that both boys are likely from that school.

Apart from the boys, another female teenager in white also appeared in the background of the video.


As for the attackers, they were all wearing black shirts, but with different designs on the back.

Two girls had Thai characters and “acmé de la vie” printed on their shirts respectively, while the attacker with brown hair wore a shirt with no design on the back.

Together with the cameraman, there were eight people at the scene in total.

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Police Confirmed Report of Case

After the incident, STOMP confirmed that the police had indeed received a report of the incident at 9.26pm on 16 August, the first day when the videos were uploaded.

The case, which apparently took place at Blk 269 Compassvale Link in Sengkang, was filed against three female teenagers for their attack on another teenage girl.

According to the police, the victim did not need immediate medical attention at the hospital but sought medical attention afterwards.

In addition to that, the police also revealed that the teenagers involved in the incident knew each other prior to the attack.

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