CASE Issues Alerts for 3 Reno Contractors for Complaints Over Uncompleted Work


Renovations have hefty costs, but it is usually worth it when the final product is ready.

Unfortunately, some renovations never make it to that stage.

Contractors Delayed or Left Work Uncompleted

After receiving complaints about three renovation contractors, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) issued alerts to consumers.

The contractors are Sense Construction Werkz, Sense Visual and K & L Interior.

From 1 November last year to 31 March this year, CASE received nine, seven and five complaints respectively.

Consumers complained that they had made almost full or partial payments for renovation projects, but the works were repeatedly delayed or left uncompleted.

Their reasons for the delay? Manpower shortage and staff contracting COVID-19.

Some consumers also reported that the companies increased the project cost without their consent, and made mistakes in the renovation, electrical and paint works.

Despite consumers’ requests to complete unfinished renovation work and rectify outstanding defects, the companies were unresponsive.

The companies also requested for advance payment to continue the renovation despite not completing the outstanding work according to schedule. Now, that’s some thick skin.

According to consumers, the total contract value of the renovation works amounted to an estimated $580,000.

Issued Warnings to Three Businesses

In response to consumer complaints, CASE had issued warning letters to the three businesses to fulfil their contractual obligations towards consumers.

“CASE is monitoring the renovation contractors closely, and will not hesitate to refer them to the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore for further investigation of possible unfair practices under the Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act,” said the association.

Based on records from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Sense Construction Werkz and K & L Interior have the same director and secretary. The two businesses also share the same registered office address

According to complaints received and contracts signed by consumers, the three businesses also have the same contact person.

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Rise in Renovation Complaints

Melvin Yong, president of CASE, said the association has seen an increase in the number of complaints regarding home renovation.


Last month, it was reported that some consumers were left with slip-shod renovation work after a contractor took their money and became unresponsive.

Yong urges consumers to do their research and engage only renovation firms with “good customer service and track records”.

He added that CASE would like to reiterate its call on the Government to consider mandating prepayment protection in industries that collect large sums of payment, such as the renovation, beauty and furniture industries.

This is to better protect consumers against prepayment losses.

Advice for Renovation Consumers

CASE advises consumers who are engaging renovation contractors to do their due diligence and avoid making substantial payments upfront.


It also advises consumers to take note of the following when making prepayments for renovation projects:

  • Do thorough research on the credibility and track record of the renovation contractor before signing the contract, and insist on a written contract.
  • Consumers are encouraged to use CASE’s model agreement on home renovation. For renovation projects, negotiate for the deposit to be as low as possible and negotiate for a progressive payment according to the project milestones.
  • Document outstanding renovation defects by taking photos. Ensure outstanding defects are fully rectified before making full payment. The photos can also be used as supporting evidence in case of disputes.
  • Patronise CaseTrust-accredited renovation contractors which can be found here.
  • Housing Board flat owners are advised to engage a contractor from HDB’s directory of renovation contractors.

Consumers with unresolved disputes can approach CASE for assistance by calling its hotline on 9795-8397, or going to its website.

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