A Complete Timeline Of The S’porean Man Who Harrass His Victim So Bad She Had To Quit Her Job

Have you ever felt so annoyed at someone you just packed your bag and left?

While it’s sassy, I’m sure the (hurtful) message is brought across to the other person.


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According to The Straits Times, there’s this man who stalked the same woman and harassed her for two years, constantly failing to get the signal to back off.

Since two years is a long period of time, let me break it down for you:


June 2014

R.Murliy began harassing the woman who worked near his home in Dover Road.

23 Jan 2015

He would shout at her when she walked past the void deck, saying stuff like she was “hot” and that her hair was beautiful.

27 Oct 2015

She was at the coffee shop with her teenage daughter, when Murliy suddenly stood beside their table, spoke loudly in Tamil and made gestures at her.

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The duo did not respond to his actions (good move), but he sat near them and stared at her.

He also went to her office to ask about her.

Jan 2016

When she was eating breakfast with her colleagues, he approached her and called her “Aishwarya Rai”, which is the name of an Indian actress.

Two days later, he saw her in shorts near her office and told her he does not like to see Indian women wearing them.

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2 Feb 2016

He would often speak loudly or shout vulgarities outside her office to get her attention.

Well, he sure did.

He did the same thing five times before she finally called the police.

His actions left the woman shaken and traumatised.

She became paranoid and tried to go to work using a different route.

But obviously that didn’t work.

The 43-year-old eventually quit her job to avoid him, as she was not able to handle the stress and anxiety.

April 2016

Between January and April 2016, he continued trying to attract her attention the same way.

11 July 2016

In another case, he came home drunk and “whacked” a 13-year-old boy who was just chit-chatting with friends outside his house.

7 May 2017

He punched his 71-year-old mother in her face and head while she was watching television at home.

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His mother had a personal protection order against him in 2006.

It was the eighth time he breached the order.


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12 June 2017

He made a nuisance call to the police, claiming that there was a murder at his block.

His sentence

R. Murliy was sentenced to 12 months’ jail, after he admitted to four of six charges – unlawful stalking, breaching personal protection, causing hurt and transmitting a false message.

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He committed most of his offences while he was drunk.

His lawyer said that Murliy was remorseful and assured that he will not re-offend. His pastor has assured him of a job when he comes out of prison.


Justice is finally served, and I’m happy for the woman.

But this man has already caused her to have fear towards going to work, something that may never go back to the way it was.

Lesson learnt: if you’re facing harassment, do voice out before it’s too late!

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