Everything About the ‘Wife-Sharing Fantasy’ by 2 Men in S’pore


A man shared his sexual fantasies of watching someone else having sex with his wife with a male colleague. The colleague did not object to the idea and went ahead with the man’s suggestion with his assistance.

However, the man’s wife never gave her consent to this.

Sound like a video you’d watch at night when everyone’s sleeping? No, this happened right here in Singapore.

Plan Sexual Assault

For the sake of protecting the victims involved in the case, no names were explicitly mentioned in the reporting of the case.

According to Deputy Public Prosecutors (DPPs) Chee Ee Ling and Ang Siok Chen, the husband started sharing details about his sex life to his colleague in 2015 approximately, which included watching another man having sex with his wife.

After the colleague eventually agreed to actualise his sexual fantasy, he was not informed as to whether the victim had consented to the idea.

The wife had not.

Approximately two years later, the husband invited his colleague over to his house on the evening of 31 August 2017, stating that everything was ready.

Around midnight of 1 September 2017, the colleague went to the husband’s matrimonial home while the domestic worker, children and wife were asleep.

In the court documents, it wrote that the colleague wasn’t aware that the husband had pre-emptively fed his wife alcohol and an unknown drug, which was supposedly a sex enhancement drug, to make her fall asleep.

When the colleague arrived in the bedroom, the victim was already unconscious, stripped bare, and blindfolded.

The colleague proceeded to undress himself and perform various sexual acts on the victim.  Afterwards, he tried to sexually penetrate the victim without any protection, but he failed due to his predisposition to erectile dysfunction.

…can’t say he doesn’t deserve the condition.

Around this time, the victim began to regain consciousness and realised that there was another person beside her husband.

While the wife attempted to remove her blindfold, the husband urged the colleague to leave the house at once.

The Aftermath and Police Report

Although it is unclear how the victim came to the knowledge that her assaulter had been the colleague, she confronted her almost-rapist and insisted that he and her husband had to write a confession letter that detailed the entire event.


Props to the woman for the absolute courage she had, in the face of such a traumatic event.

Perhaps it was out of guilt, but the colleague complied and wrote a letter dated 4 September, three days after the attempted rape.

It wasn’t articulated whether the victim made a police report.

Rather, this case had come to light because the wife of a third man had found explicitly sexual photographs of herself on her husband’s phone, which led to her suspecting that her own husband and others had committed sexual offences against her.

Consequently, she made a police report on 2 January 2020, which led to the arrest of the colleague on 10 January 2020.  


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Court Proceedings and Sentences

Yesterday (13 Jan), the now 47-year-old accused colleague has been sentenced to three years in jail after he pleaded guilty to an attempted conspiracy with the husband to commit rape.

For such crime, it can carry the maximum jail term of five years.

The colleague in question had been convicted earlier in July 2018 for the sale of obscene books, insulting modesty, and possessing uncensored and explicit films. For those offences, he was jailed for 12 weeks and fined S$20,000.

Allegedly, the colleague had also been convicted of a similar “perverse incident” in 2016.

For the extant case, DPP Chee Ee Ling had asked for a two to three-and-a-half years in jail for the molestation and attempted rape.

The prosecutors also remarked that this was an “appalling” and “unprecedented” case.


Moreover, the premeditation and intent to harm was evident in this case. The two men had discussed their “devious plans” for nearly two years before they took action, and the colleague played a crucial role in the execution of the husband’s sexual fantasy.

The most infuriating factors about this case was that:

  1. It was a breach of the sanctity of the wife’s home, which she once deemed safe and secure.
  2.  The victim had been completely vulnerable in her intoxicated and drugged state.
  3. There was still a risk of pregnancy from the pre-ejaculation fluids even if there was no full penetration.
  4.  There could have been a transmission of a sexual disease.

All of these factors only expounded the harms inflicted on the victim.

Against the persecutors’ demands for a longer prison sentence, Defence Lawyer Nakoorsha Abdul Kadir tried to lower the jail sentence by a year.

He asserted that his client had willingly written a letter of apology, pleaded guilty to the attempt rape earlier, and had cooperated with the authorities.


Despite his client previous sex-related convictions, Lawyer Kadir said that it was not as though he had served a sentence, came out and reoffended.

Rather, the Defence Lawyer tried to pin a larger part of the blame on the husband instead of his client, declaring that the husband had been planning for the offence for two years.

His client, the colleague, had merely “went along for the ride”.

Alas, his attempts for a lighter sentence fell short, since the judge considered the place and proactive role that the colleague played, thus sentencing him to three years in jail.

Not the End to the Perversions

Unfortunately, the two men were not the only ones with “wife-sharing fantasies”.

As previously mentioned, it had been the wife of a third man that lodged the police report on 2 January 2020.

Apparently, there had been more accomplices involved, totalling up to seven men, who have already been identified.

The revelation of their identities, in turn, led to their arrests on 10 January 2020.


The colleague was merely the first of seven men to be sentenced.

Four other men are scheduled to plead guilty next month, likewise accused of conspiring with other men to rape their wives between 2010 and 2018.

This includes the husband of the current case, who is also being accused of raping a 23-year-old woman in 2013.

Out of the four other men, one of them is claiming trial.

The last remaining person among the seven accused has yet to come to a decision on how he intends to plead to the judge.

As for the wife-victim in this case, her current marital status is unknown though she married her husband in 1994, and they have three children who are still schooling.

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