Woman’s Corneas Suffer From Inflammation After She Accidentally Rubbed Hand Sanitiser Into Her Eyes


With the Covid-19 threat hanging all around us, people have taken to rubbing their hands with alcohol-based hand sanitisers wherever possible.

Just got off the MRT? Put hand sanitiser.

Opened the toilet door? Put hand sanitiser.

Got out of the office lift? Put hand-you know what, I think you get it.

A Lady Accidentally Rubbed Hand Sanitiser Into Eyes

In Taiwan, a woman surnamed Zhuang had this habit of constantly applying hand sanitiser wherever she goes.

Which is perfectly fine, except for that one fateful day.

Zhuang has a bad habit of rubbing her eyes with her hands whenever it gets dry and irritated.

After spraying her hands with an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, she subconsciously went to rub her eyes again.

Except, This Time, The Sanitiser Hasn’t Dried

Initially, she didn’t feel anything.

However, as time passes by, she started noticing a stinging pain in her eye.

She tried washing her eye out with water but the pain persists.

That was when she knew something went wrong.

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Corneas Were Inflamed

When she was at the hospital, she realised that her corneas were inflamed due to contact with the hand sanitiser.

Thankfully, there was no lasting harm and she managed to recover after using some anti-inflammatory creams.

Keep Your Hands Off Your Face

I know, I know, it’s easier said than done, as Donald Trump has clearly shown.

However, because the Covid-19 transmit via respiratory droplets, either because someone coughed on you or you’ve touched a surface with the virus and then your face, we’ll still have to try not to do it.


Another thing, applying hand sanitisers isn’t the best solution to preventing Covid-19 infection.

It’s washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds that helps to prevent infection.

Hand sanitisers are simply temporary solutions for when you can’t get to a toilet in time, like when you’re on the train or rushing out an article in the office.

Meanwhile, Singapore has suggested some measures that are helpful in keeping Covid-19 cases down in Singapore, including social distancing measures and staggered working hours.

You can read more here.


Oh, remember to dab if you’re about to cough or sneeze, but has no tissue on hand. Not I say one, is WHO who said it.