Couple in China Got Married at 94 After Being Separated for 70 Years


True love will always find a way to come back. This is one of the quotes that sounds a tad cliche but holds true in many cases.  

Like in this case.

After being Separated for Seven Decades, Couple in China gets Hitched at the Age of 94

Mr Cao Zhenwei and Ms Xu Guizhen, both 94 this year, have known each other since they were 16 years old.  

 Both their fathers were close friends, and they operated a photo studio together in Weihai, Shandong province initially before shifting to Shanghai in 1937 due to the war against the Japanese

Yes, you read that right: it’s 1937.

And from here begins the beautiful love story where the couple met in the photo studio in Shanghai.  

 Though Ms Xu’s father wished to get his daughter married to Mr Cao, this was not possible as Mr Cao was engaged at that point of time. Thus, they were both separated and ended up having their own families.  


 Mr Cao worked as a photographer all his life until he retired at the age of 80 while Ms Xu worked in a textile factory for 30 years.  

This love story that was paused in 1950 resumed 70 years down the road when in 2019, Mr Cao happened to meet Ms Xu’s brother in a reunion and were reunited when Mr Cao called her.  

Ms Xu vividly recalls the moment they got into contact “When I received the phone call, I knew it was him as soon as I heard his voice. I planned to meet him at the subway, but I was worried that I wouldn’t recognise him because I hadn’t seen him for years.” 

 When they met face to face for the first time in 70 long years, they reminisced about the past and had dinner together. After quite some time of keeping in contact with each other, the couple decided to get married in September 2020.

At least there was one good thing that happened in 2020.

“Although we hadn’t seen each other for nearly 70 years, we still felt very familiar with each other. We are all lonely and want to find a partner. This is fate, which is unexpected,” says Mr Cao. 

Well, this real-life love story that seems to be inspired by countless K-dramas doesn’t end here.  

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After their marriage, the couple moved into Fortune Care Shanghai Kangtai Nursing Home that surprised them with wedding decorations to welcome them into their new home.  

Their post-marriage life is truly fulfilling: They’ll wake up at 6am and have breakfast before watching TV or doing taiji at 8am.

After that, they’ll continue their exercise or have a karaoke session for an hour before lunch. After some activities in the afternoon, they’ll have dinner at 4.30pm and get ready for bed. 

Sometimes, what’s simple is what really happens.

Mr Cao has four children, of which two have passed on and the other two continue to visit him in the nursing home, while Ms Xu has four daughters and two sons.  

“Our children are very supportive of our marriage. This is our own business, but they all think it’s a good thing,” Mr Cao says. 

Nursing home staff member, Zhan Yu, seems to be their biggest shipper as he says, “I feel very moved when I see them walking hand in hand.


“The wife takes care of the husband more. She is responsible for more detailed things, and the old man has more external activities. He manages the medicine for his wife,” Zhan adds.  

Well, you can wipe your tears of joy now and look through tarot cards in hopes of finding your soulmate.  

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